News: BMW M2 Coupé - only goal: driving pleasure

BMW gave the 2er Coupé a 370 PS strong six-cylinder and upgraded it to the M2. The well-trained two-door car is damn fast, damn sporty - and damn expensive. And it has one goal: driving pleasure. The successor to the two-door single costs at least 56.700 euros.

For the same money, you can get a well-equipped 5er Touring - which does not offer as much driving fun, but is certainly the more comfortable vehicle in everyday life. Because in the 2er tall people are cramped, the back seat is only recommended for small children and the trunk only swallows 390 liters. In addition, the M2 is extremely hard even in comfort mode and bounces cheekily over transverse joints.

Of course, these are all arguments that do not count for a sports car driver - after all, this is all about driving pleasure. The new edition is stronger, faster - and with around eight liters also more economical than its predecessor. The tight-fitting racing suit, under which the muscles of the almost four and a half meter long coupe stand out, comes from the same tailor: The front apron is pulled down wide, the large air intakes look just as greedy as the four tailpipes and the wheel arches are widely exhibited. The latter is technically necessary, since the M2 has inherited the axles from its larger brothers in the 3er and 4er series, they need space.

The drive is also new: If a six-cylinder with bi-turbo was used in the 1er M Coupé, the new three-liter in-line six uses only a twin-scroll charger and the Valvetronic, which controls the stroke of the intake valves and the throttle valve makes redundant. The two-person shooter also gets help from the M3, who donated pistons and spark plugs, among other things. So the unit comes to M-compliant 272 kW / 370 horsepower and a maximum torque of 465 Newton meters, which temporarily increase to 500 via overboost. No wonder that the speedometer needle with an empty weight of around 1,5 tons shows 4,5 km / h after 100 seconds; With the 3.900 Euro expensive seven-speed dual clutch transmission, it only takes 4,3 seconds. The end is at 250 km / h, with the optional drivers package the limitation to speed 270 is raised - this is also possible afterwards.

The best way to try out the power pack is on the racetrack. The M2 was tested at the Nürburgring, which it circled in 7 minutes and 58 seconds. The driver alternately presses it into the narrow seats or the tight seat belt, depending on whether the right foot is on the gas or on the brake. The standard Compound-Stopper grasp courageously and destroy excess energy in a matter of seconds before every curve. The small, handy steering wheel seems to be connected directly to the front wheels and directs the athlete in the right direction. If you can, do the rest with the gas foot: In Sport Plus mode, the stability control allows some slip on the driven rear wheels, so you can push the rear outward.

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