24h: The qualifying race at the Nürburgring - with gallery

The 24-Stunden race at the Nürburgring has got offspring: this weekend will be the "little brother" of the 24h race, the ADAC qualifying race 24h race Nürburgring, held for the first time.

The teams and drivers still have 74 days before the endurance classic. For many, the six-hour race is an important part of their preparation.

The qualification race offers the pilots opportunities that they would otherwise not get so easily. Many are happy about the chance to do a few laps in the dark. Like Maximilian Götz, for example, who competes in the Mercedes SLS for the HTP Motorsport team: "We expect mixed conditions today and tomorrow, together with the night training this is good preparation for the 24h race." This is also for race director Walter Hornung this possibility is a clear advantage compared to other events on the Nordschleife:

"We can drive until 21:20 p.m. and the pilots are therefore about an hour in the dark and can get used to the light conditions."

Overall, 53 vehicles registered for the six-hour race. "With this number, we are already satisfied with such a debut race," explains Hornung. Among the pilots, the number of participants is usually very positive. "I am pleased that we are meeting a fairly free circuit here," said Richard Westbrook. "That way, I can concentrate on improving the vehicle, and not just on getting through traffic safely." In addition, the teams will have more than ten hours of driving time on the same route variant on the two days of the event, which is also the case with the 24. Race is driven.

What else you should know about the 24h Pre-Qualifying Race at the Nürburgring:

Media Stunt: Felix Baumgartner's start attracts a lot of attention. The man who jumped through the stratosphere will start on the Audi R8 GT 3 LMS ultra together with professionals such as Marco Werner, Frank Biela and Pierre Kaffer. His first training on the ring brought sobering times to light.

Felix Baumgartner


Without the thickness: Even if Olaf Manthey was still pinned down with “nasty” journalistic means during yesterday's press conference (sic!) - there was no new information and there will definitely be no use of “the fat one” at the 24h race in June. Olaf Manthey explained how many open projects there are currently in the Manthey racing team. The fans will have to do without the legendary 911 from Manthey. As a sedative, Olaf had the following message with him:

The Nürburgring as the world's toughest racetrack is still a big challenge for us.

Olaf Manthey

Olaf Manthey PK 24h pre


He can also: Alex Hofmann starts this year on a BMW M235i in the 24h race. It is his fourth start at the 24h in the Eifel and raves about the passion 24-hours race. It's a passion and pure adrenalin. Last year, he placed second in his class on a Kissling Opel Astra, this year he wants to win the class win on the Cup-BMWs equipped with Dunlop race slicks. I keep my fingers crossed for him. During the 24h race, Alex will be out of the car for Sport1 with live commentary for the spectators!

BMW m235i cup 24h pre


More photos of the training on the first day:



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