Advice: Reach your destination safely - the right load for problem-free holiday fun

Summer is just around the corner and so is your first summer vacation. Those who don't go anywhere by plane pack their belongings in the car and drive off. However, there are a few things to consider so that you can get there without any problems. Especially when you have your aunt Erna and Fifi along with your wife and child. Of course, everything has to fit in and as safely as possible not to endanger anyone. Because luggage can quickly be influenced to the floor or the braking distance by a car that is too packed. But if you take a few things into account, nothing should stand in the way of holiday fun.

Clever loading of the interior

Usually, of course, you start loading at the rear: in the trunk. But there are a few tricks you can use to use space more effectively and safely. On the one hand, the heavy luggage should always be on the bottom. Any tension belts should be attached beforehand to secure them. Small luggage and loose items are best packed in lockable transport boxes or bags. Bulky items like umbrellas or tents can be easily stuck between other items of luggage. A safety net between the trunk and the back seat provides additional protection against unwanted projectiles in the event of unforeseen braking maneuvers. A useful I.nfografik with more tips can be found here

But you should think carefully about what you take with you, because an overloaded car has a significant impact on driving safety. Both when accelerating and when braking, it reacts much more slowly and the risk of skidding also increases. If the trunk is too full, the rear view is blocked by the rear view mirror. It is better to leave more space here for an undisturbed view. In the vehicle registration you can read how much weight you can load your vehicle. The weight of the passengers must not be forgotten. 

Above or behind - the main thing is sure

If the trunk does not have enough space, a roof box and / or a bike rack can be a good alternative. A box offers the practical option of taking additional luggage with you, but the permitted roof load of 70 to 100 kg must not be exceeded. Because even when the empty roof box is attached, the center of gravity of the vehicle changes. Basically, the following applies here: the heavier the car is, the slower you should drive. Because, especially on winding roads, there is a risk of losing control and the car skidding.

With open trailers you should put several nets and straps over the luggage to prevent them from falling out. A weatherproof tarp also protects against rain or splashing water. With the additional load, one should also not forget that the headlights should also be readjusted due to the lowering rear. If necessary, the tire pressure should also be checked and adjusted.

With all the joy of the upcoming vacation, one should not forget: Only those who drive fully loaded at an appropriate speed and with foresight will arrive safely at their destination. Then nothing can stand in the way of a nice, carefree holiday.

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