Dunlop Sport Maxx RT: The Challenge

There are good days and really good days in the life of an auto journalist and then there are these incredibly good days. For example, when you are invited to the racetrack. Motorsport is known to be really expensive and for a “free” journalist the race track test is a financially unrepresentable story. So whenever I hit the racetrack, my heart blossoms. 

The new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT in Hockenheim

Dunlop is a well-known figure in motorsport. It is no coincidence that the Hanauer was chosen by Mercedes-AMG for the Driving Academy to work together. Motorsport and Dunlop - a topic that can boast a lot of history. It all started with the red sow, a massive brummer from Mercedes, with which the founders of AMG, Aufrecht and Melchior (place of foundation: Großaspach) found their way into motorsport. The “red pig” was the first tuning object for “AMG” and the path to this day has been paved with adrenaline, octane and many successes. AMG is now part of the Mercedes-Benz Group and, as Mercedes-AMG, stands among other things for a very special grandson of the “Red Pig”: Dem Mercedes-AMG GT. We were the car last year on the Laguna Seca circuit driven - the greater the joy was now to see you again on "home terrain" terrain.

AMG Driving Academy 82 Dunlop Sport MAXX RT

Hockenheim, AMG, Dunlop

What was still missing for the successful day? A little sun maybe, otherwise the ingredients were already unbeatable. It then slammed down on Hockenheim. The Motodrom in Baden was sweating in competition with the protagonists. Hockenheim, a track with a cult character. Plus an Armada AMG, GTs, A45 and C63 - the full range of Affalterbacher performance culture. And mounted on the vehicles: the new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT. On the AMG GT the Dunlop Sport Maxx Race. Tires with a clear sporty focus, tires for the sports driver. Tires for people who do more with their car than commute to work. Spend the day in Hockenheim. For example.

AMG Driving Academy 115 Dunlop Sport MAXX RT

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT

No, on mein-auto-blog we can not implement tire tests, but I can give an impression of my rounds in Hockenheim.

Mercedes-AMG A45  | DUNLOP Sport Maxx RT

With 360 PS (Pre-MOPF) the small two-liter turbo gasoline engine pumps a lot of pressure into the crankshaft. The A45 AMG was the most powerful two-liter turbo gasoline engine that you get in series, and after “MOPF” it will be again. It is always an impressive performance with which the “compact burner” pushes itself into the hearts of the respective driver! In Hockenheim I took the A45 AMG to do my very own challenge.

Dunlop had brought a really splendid promotional clip to get in the mood for the day, after that it was clear - just talk about the tires. For me, car blogging, journalism, motorsport, events - these are all challenges - always a challenge. And if Dunlop has a professional racing driver like Nico Bastian brought to the track, Nico is an AMG works driver, then the challenge can only be one: be as fast as the professional.

Does this work?

More in the video:

There were many reasons why we had to drive the challenge on the “small handling course”. Personally, I would have preferred to drive around the entire Hockenheimring with Nico Bastian and the AMG GTS, but we had to shoot the video during the lunch break and the “restrictions” of Hockenheimring GmbH are very rigorous. Lunch break must also be at “Driving Events”. In the end it was of course positive for me, with a good second “clap” I would not have managed the 4.57 km of the ring 🙂 -

… But who knows, maybe that was just the beginning of an even bigger challenge?

AMG Driving Academy 156 Dunlop Sport MAXX RT


The second part is about the Mercedes-AMG GTS and the DUNLOP Sport Maxx RACE and how it feels on the racetrack in Hockenheim:

Mercedes-AMG GTS | DUNLOP Sport Maxx RACE in Hockenheim!





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