VLN: 2. Run TMG GT86 Cup: Dörr Motorsport successful on the Nordschleife

Drama in the second season run of the endurance championship at the Nürburgring (VLN), during which the TMG GT86 Cup also organized its second race 2014. 49 minutes after the start of the 39. DMV four-hour race the run had to be interrupted after a serious accident in the planting area, which went off lightly for the pilots involved in a VW Scirocco and a Porsche. Only after a break of almost four hours, during which around 80 meters of track limitation were repaired, did the restart start at 16.48.

As in many other classes, this resulted in a special tension in the TMG GT86 Cup, because the times of the two race sections were added to form an overall result. In the end, the lucky winner was Team Dörr Motorsport with the TMG GT 86 CS-V3 with starting number 534 and the drivers Maciej Dreszer (PL), Arne Hoffmeister (D) and Fabian Wrabetz (D).

When the race was stopped, the team led by team manager Uwe Isert was in the lead. Although the Leutheuser Racing & Events team, which was successful at the start of the season at the beginning of April, won the second section of the race, Dörr Motorsport defended its lead right through to the finish line by adding both partial results. Since the minimum driving time of a total of 160 minutes prescribed by the VLN regulations for a four-hour race was just exceeded, full points are also awarded for the second run of this season despite the interruption in the race.

VLN second run 02 toyota gt 86 cup

"In the end we were very surprised, but of course also happy that it was enough for us to win", Arne Hoffmeister commented on the success. “We didn't know exactly how much we'd gained in the first section, so we weren't sure whether our second place in the second part of the race would be good enough for a race win. So the joy was of course great when it became clear that it was enough for us. ”In the daily standings of the TMG GT86 Cup, the second-placed Toyota Swiss Racing Team had to admit defeat. Third place went to the Leutheuser Racing & Events team.

The team from Toyota Team Thailand, which started for the first time in the TMG GT86 Cup and was looked after by Team Leipert Motorsport, made a good debut on the Nordschleife. The drivers Nattavude Charoensukhawatana, Nattapong Hortongkam and Smittachartch Suttipong found their way around the demanding "Green Hell", convinced with a flawless drive and brought their car safely to eighth place in the Cup four class. It was the first time ever that a team from Thailand competed in the VLN.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motosport: “The short result in the cup classification in the second round of the TMG GT86 Cup shows once again the high level of performance in our one-make cup. It was even exciting today to cross the finish line because we could only choose a winner after the times had been added. The accident that caused the race to be interrupted made it clear once again that with all safety efforts, on which we also attached great importance to the development of our race car, a residual risk in motorsport can never be excluded. So the best news today is that the two drivers involved are doing well in the circumstances. "

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