The outrageous Christmas wish list for 2021


It was really not the best year, this 2020. You will be able to wish for something from Santa Claus. And don't worry, our wish list has absolutely nothing to do with Corona.

Unlike in poems and stories, this is such a thing in real life with wishes. They rarely become a reality. But maybe that's a good thing, as an Asian aphorism says: "Be careful with your wishes, they could come true". Well, and since this is an aphorism (that is, thought up by a clever mind) and comes from Asia (i.e. the home of Confucius and similarly spiritual fellows) there will probably be something to it.

Nevertheless and regardless of that, when can you make a wish if not at Christmas time? Just. So what is preventing us from wholeheartedly wishing each other a lot for the coming year? Experience teaches that none of this will come true anyway.

So here comes the Christmas list with our wishes for the new year. Between us: As in our childhood, it initially covered quite a number of pages. But in the end our innate modesty won out (and the lack of space in such a column). Ten, very subjectively selected wishes are ultimately left over. So dear Santa Claus, please do ...

  • that everything is normal again in all cars Rotary knobs for volume control there and that the Interior designer In the future, move away from their fixed idea of ​​absolutely wanting to improve things that have long since reached a stage of incorrigibility.
  • that the Road Sign recognition of a car just works. So it doesn't show 50 km / h on the autobahn, but in the city in the 30 zone 100 and on the country road to be on the safe side, nothing at all. Then we don't need this great assistance system.
  • that the Design selector lever for gearboxes are no longer made of aluminum or other stylish materials? Do the designers actually know how freezing cold and incomprehensible such pieces get in winter?
  • that our Cars us not with everyone Seek opportunity to educate? Maybe because you have already switched on the ignition even though the door is still open or someone had the nerve to unbuckle themselves when backing up into their own garage?
  • dass we for our car dealer also still exists after buying a vehicle are? Dear dealers: Can't you at least feign interest when a customer has just left 40.000 euros with you?
  • that the Operation of the blinker cool again? It would not only contribute to more security, but also just be nice and polite.
  • that the cars aren't getting any more to rolling discos and the environment is held jointly responsible for loud and bad taste in music?
  • that if we already like politically desired on Switch to e-mobility, at which there are still far too few charging points that are being ripped off outrageously just because you have the "wrong" charging card with you?
  • that the stronger on the weaker road users takes more consideration? Incidentally, this applies to drivers (against all other road users) as well as for cyclists (not just against pedestrians).
  • Oh yes, one last wish, dear Santa Claus. When do you actually give us one? new Minister of Transport? We hope after the general election at the latest?

Any other wishes? Actually yes. Is there anything else? Next year again!

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