Is there a duty to use the card?

Card readers at charging stations could make it easier to pay for traction current. Or make the infrastructure unnecessarily expensive. Critics and supporters of a giro card obligation are at odds.  

Anyone who draws electricity at the charging station must also be able to pay for it. Shortly before the cabinet decision on the new Charging Column Ordinance (LSV), another dispute is developing about how this should be possible. According to media reports, the federal government is considering making the option of EC card payment compulsory for pillars - apparently under pressure from the banks.  

The automotive industry association VDA, the energy industry association BDEW and the electrical engineering association ZVEI see a quasi-obligation to install a reader in the plans and consider it to be a mistake. It would slow down the expansion of e-mobility, since suitable charging stations are hardly available from the manufacturers and are unnecessarily expensive. Instead, they are in favor of paying by smartphone or charging card, which is common today. 

It remains to be seen who will prevail in the end. The cabinet draft should be available before the end of the legislative period. Parliament's approval is not required. 

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