Drivers, passengers, car picture editors and the F015 from Mercedes-Benz

It's such a thing with the future. For many of us, changes are stupid. And when it's clear that things are going to change, we find that prophylactically stupid. And in fact we always lack the horizon to understand the changes. That's why developers and visionaries are so special. They have a capacity that other people do not have. Editors of automotive magazines for example.

The last word - is not spoken yet

My relationship with the car picture? Rather ambivalent. But I'm giving my obolus. Every week I buy a printed version of the AutoBild. I owe it to me somehow. In the end I do not want to be to blame for the demise of the print object. So I buy the car picture at the kiosk, regular. The browsing then usually takes 5 minutes. Good 80 pages, 5 minutes. 21,60 € that would be extrapolated to an hour's entertainment. Rarely do I hang on any article longer. You know all the topics from your own daily work. But I like that. The AutoBild is full of professionals and I like to check what the pros still have to learn.

The future of the autonomous automobile

But sometimes I wonder. Over "The last word”From issue 3/15 for example. AutoBild editor Andreas May sees the F015 from Mercedes-Benz as “nonsense with sauce” - because it is “driver and not passenger”.

Well, it's probably just a reflex. The very natural reflex of an automobile lover. Similar to the reaction of Fabian in his article on the PS.World, I understand it as the most natural reaction of real petrolheads. Of people who like to park on the holiday drive on the Grossglockner, let the engine cool, readjust the carburetor with oily hands, the fins burn on the manifold, are blessed lulled by the gasoline vapors and cry the stagecoach age no tears. Horse-drawn carriages were stupid. Gasoline, they are cool.

I understand. I prefer the sound of an E30 M3 when I'm on the Pflanzgarten rather than the artificial music from the speaker of an e-mobile while maneuvering in the supermarket car park.

But hey - who said that one should exclude the other?

I expect a little more foresight from professionals. A little more competence in assessing the scenarios. It is not about “either or”, it is about the possibilities of the autonomous mobility of tomorrow. Without having to fall back into the puffed up armchairs of the local public transport.

And there is one Metal sausage like the F015 of Mercedes-Benz play a role. Because I do not drive daily on the mountain passes of the Alps on vacation. No, I drive daily boring routes, always the same. Often enough in a traffic jam. It is only logical if the human seeks solutions to win back this wasted time. Because that's what makes progress. Efficiency and comfort. And that's what the F015 stands for. He does not want to relieve us of the fun of driving, he wants to give us the time that we almost robbed ourselves by our individual mobility.

An F015 will save us from wasted hours. He will give us the freedom to decide for ourselves. And that “autonomous” but individual driving is a human wish, possibly a wish that many are not yet aware of, will become apparent as soon as Google releases the first test fleet onto the streets. And then automobile manufacturers have to feel challenged. Then the concepts for the future must be shown. I don't think that's why you're sitting in an aluminum can with the sex appeal of a sausage. The corrective motorist soul is already counteracting this.

Bad-tempered auto editors who look negatively into the future, however, do not help.

But probably now I just fell for Mr. May, after all he is a professional and probably “the last word” was just an impetus for the discussion, deliberately provocative ... 😉 



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