First aid survey

First-aid kits are in every car

If yes, can no: First aid in road traffic is a problem for many Germans.  

One in four drivers does not dare to do first aid in an accident. There would be a willingness to help, as a survey by the ADAC shows. According to this, 52 percent of Germans would be willing to intervene in an emergency.  

However, there is obviously some catching up to do when it comes to first aid skills. Only one in ten knew when to use the side position - namely when the accident victim is unconscious but is breathing normally. Just under half of the respondents were able to answer straight away what to do if they were unconscious or had breathing problems.  

There is also great uncertainty with resuscitation: although three quarters knew that the unconscious person would be placed on a hard surface, only about 30 percent knew the exact ratio of chest compressions (2 times) to respiratory donation (10 times). 70 percent of those surveyed knew that chest compressions can also be performed without a donation of breath, for example to avoid infections.  

One of the reasons for the incomplete knowledge is likely to be the long time lag to the last first aid course. Half of the respondents said they last attended classes ten years or more ago. 

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