Hyundai press work - or how not to do it

A total loss. There is no other way of describing this form of press work. Seriously. I've been blogging about cars for 5 years. I have been working with various press departments for 5 years. Sometimes better, sometimes less well. But such a lousy campaign as the recent story at Hyundai, I have never seen.

Although - I have to put it into perspective. I am not affected at all. But I probably would have been. What happened?

The 2h race 24 starts at the Nürburgring in just under 2015 weeks. The managing director of Hyundai is an enthusiastic motor sports enthusiast and will reach into the steering wheel himself. Two Hyundai will take part in the 24h race. And because that fits so well, you invite a few journalists to the event.

The invitation to the driving event 

On April 18th I was invited by email. The “sporty” Hyundai models are ready for presentation. Including the i30 Turbo, the i20 Coupé and the current model generation of the Veloster. Exciting. And I haven't driven the i30 Turbo either - so it would have been something. Especially since Hyundai would have taken over the overnight stay near the Nürburgring and offered a lounge on site.

However, I report on the 24h race independently and therefore canceled the event.

Bad press work at Hyundai

My rejection was exactly right, because - you can hardly believe it, but Hyundai actually answered the commitments of several colleagues with a “rejection”.

On the one hand, we are of course pleased about the great interest. On the other hand, we also have to cancel some late registrants, as in your case ...

Late applicants? I have the statement from my colleagues that the acceptance was not “too late”, but well before the deadline.


Hyundai and the bloggers

The refusals seem to only affect the “blogging colleagues”, as far as my current state of affairs. It seems as if you had issued the invitations with the large ladle, then wondered about the promises and what do you do? One selects. Although. This is just a guess at first.

Maybe other colleagues are also affected?

Although I have no hope of getting feedback here, the hump that many colleagues in front of the press departments are doing is too big. And all because you are afraid to fly out of the invitation mailing list.

As this story shows, you don't even have to discuss the truth or write a bad word, sometimes just accepting the invitation is enough.







Picture credits: Brady Holt

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