McLaren Grand Tourer - The rapid space giant

With its comfort level, the McLaren Grand Tourer should make even long trips bearable

Actually, McLaren's vehicles are mostly about performance and performance. In the case of the Grand Tourer, however, a completely different value is in the foreground.

With the at least 198.000 Euro expensive Grand Tourer, the sports car manufacturer McLaren expands its portfolio with a comparatively suitable everyday car. The new variant was derived from the Speedtail, but should provide a more spacious interior and thus its passengers more comfortable. The GT can be ordered from now on, the first deliveries are announced for the end of 2019.

With 4,68 meter length, the Grand Tourer is the largest model of the English sports car manufacturer so far

With its 4,68 meter-long body, it is the longest model of the British sports car manufacturer so far. Visually, the Grand Tourer nevertheless largely looks like a typical McLaren. Typical for the brand is also the performance level of the 1,5-Tonner, who with his 456 kW / 620 PS and 630 Newtonmeter strong four-liter double-turbo V8 in 3,2 seconds completed the sprint on Tempo 100. The 200er brand should fall after 9 seconds, maximum 326 km / h are possible.

At the end of 2019, McLaren launches the new Grand Tourer

In addition to sporty, the new model also offers optimized talents for everyday use. Thus, increased ground clearance to facilitate driving in urban traffic. In addition, the driver can also choose a comfort mode in addition to the sport and track adaptive chassis. The low positioning of the engine allows a larger trunk, which can accommodate 420 liters of luggage in the rear. In addition, the Grand Tourer under the bonnet is still an 150-liter compartment available.

With its comfort level, the McLaren Grand Tourer should make even long trips bearable

A new infotainment system with a 12,3-inch touchscreen also processes real-time traffic information for navigation. There is also an audio system from Bower & Wilkins and an optional electrochromic glass roof, which changes its transparency at the push of a button.

Compared to other McLaren models, the Grand Tourer offers a classier ambience
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