Mercedes EQS: Not just clean, but smelling

Mercedes-EQ, EQS, Interieur, MBUX Hyperscreen Mercedes-EQ, EQS, Interior, MBUX Hyperscreen

The Mercedes EQS filters fine particles and viruses from the cabin air. And also scent them on request.  

In times of corona and high pollution, clean air is becoming more and more important. Mercedes is therefore introducing a HEPA air filter for the first time in its electric flagship EQS. It is supposed to filter fine particles, nitrogen oxides and pathogens from the air we breathe. An activated carbon layer also neutralizes bad smells. The new air cleaning system is part of the “Energizing Air Control Plus” option, prices for the vehicle or the option are not yet known.  

Until now, HEPA filters were only available in models from the US electrical pioneer Tesla. The technology, which is also known from hospitals, requires significantly more space than the usual cabin filters for cars. The copy in the EQS has the surface of a DIN A2 sheet and takes up almost ten liters of installation space. Only electric cars offer the necessary space, as they can do without the combustion engine and its ancillary units in the front area.  

If clean air is not enough for you, you can also have the interior scented. Mercedes has created a new car perfume called “No. 6 Mood Linen ”, which contains fragrance components of fig and linen. The atomizer is part of the optional “Air Balance” package, for which there are no prices either.   

The Mercedes EQS celebrates its premiere in April. The optically independent electric offshoot of the S-Class should offer a range of 700 kilometers. In addition to the sedan, four other e-models are planned on the same platform.

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