News: Eva electric car - taxi for the tropics

The car was developed by Munich researchers, among others

The prototype of a electric-Taxis for tropical megacities was developed by the Technical University of Munich together with the Nanyang University in Singapore. Now the compact car called EVA has completed its first test drive.

Thanks to a particularly powerful battery cooling, the 63 Ah batteries can be charged in just 15 minutes. The researchers cite a range of around 200 kilometers. It is powered by a 60 kW / 82 hp electric motor that accelerates the four-seat compact car to 100 km / h in ten seconds. The top speed is given as 111 km / h.

The EVA electric taxi is intended for tropical metropolises
The EVA electric taxi is intended for tropical metropolises

The study is intended to show what an environmentally friendly taxi could look like in hot climates. The body is made of lightweight carbon, but is so sturdy that the vehicle, including the battery, still weighs 1.500 kilograms. Inside there is space for the driver and three passengers, one of them sitting to the left of the chauffeur with his back in the direction of travel. Visually, the EVA called the e-taxi is similar to the MUTE electric car that Munich developed in 2011 as a city car for temperate climates.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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