News: New 1 + 1-seater from China - e-car for less than 2.000 euros

The Chinese car manufacturer Shengtianri (about: Heavenly chariot of the people) wants a later this year E-car to offer to big cities that virtually every Chinese worker can afford. 2016 also plans to export to Europe and thus also to Germany. Here the price could begin after first calculations under under 2.000 euro.

The Zidong Dinti (about self-propelled) is an 1 + 1 -seater of about 2,80 meter length, which is driven by an electric motor, which in turn receives its energy from a relatively small battery. The trick: A fully charged battery is sufficient only for 30 kilometers, but the passenger can on a bicycle-like pedals on the one hand support the vehicle directly when driving uphill or in more relaxed driving situations by additional pedaling charge the battery.

"Depending on the passenger's constitution, the Zidong Dinti has an almost unlimited range," says the company's Norwegian chief engineer, Garke Inplan, explaining the benefits of the concept. The idea came to him during a scooter competition in his hometown Trondheim. His Chinese employer Shengtianri was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and sees it as a decisive contribution to the solution of urban mobility and environmental problems.

European experts do not see the future for pedal / electric vehicles as rosy, mainly due to cultural differences. Thus, the passenger seat in Zidong Dinti is very narrow and designed for the size of Chinese women. In Germany, the female sex is unlikely to be satisfied with a permanent place on the pedals. And since there are hardly enough large numbers of smaller men for mobile power generation in this country, the target group would probably only be very small. Accordingly, positive environmental effects would hardly be measurable.

Author: AP Rilgag | sp-x

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