News: New on the street (May) - sporty, with space or completely different

With the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell will launch its first fuel cell vehicle for residential customers in May. Otherwise, little happens in the dealer halls this month.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: Fuel cell technology is considered by many experts to be the drive technology of the future. Hyundai now also offers its fuel cell car ix35 Fuel Cell to private customers. The compact SUV with the hydrogen-based electric drive is available for 65.450 euros, the leasing rate (four years) costs 1.290 euros per month. So far only selected customers, above all authorities and companies, have been able to lease the emission-free SUV.

Hyundai has developed its fuel cell model based on the ix35. The fuel cell supplies an 100 kW / 136 PS electric motor that drives the front wheels with electrical energy, and only water vapor is emitted. One filling of the two gas tanks should be enough to drive around 600 kilometers, which is more than with battery-operated electric cars, which have to be plugged in after 200 kilometers at the latest. However, the gas station network of just over two handfuls of hydrogen filling stations currently stands in the way of widespread use


Porsche 911 GT3 RS: The GT911 RS made its debut as a sporty figurehead in the 3 family at the Geneva Motor Show. Thanks to 368 kW / 500 PS, the most powerful naturally aspirated variant of the coupé should convince not only on public roads, but also on the racetrack. At least 181.690 Euro costs the now available two-seater.

The rear wheels are driven by an 4,9-liter six-cylinder boxer. Thanks to the 0,2 liter increased displacement, the naturally aspirated 24 PS engine does more than the more civil GT3 standard version. In conjunction with a dual clutch transmission, the direct injection engine accelerates the RS from X to 460 in seconds with 3,3 Nm torque, 100 km / h after 200 seconds. The consumption is specified by the manufacturer with 10,9 liters. The interior was gutted, instead of a back seat there is a roll cage in the RS, instead of door handles, fabric loops. Sports seats and a steering wheel with center mark should provide additional racing atmosphere.


VW Scirocco GTS: As a particularly sporty version in the Scirocco model range, VW now again offers a GTS variant. The GTS outfit is only available in conjunction with the 162 kW / 220 PS two-liter turbo gasoline engine, which is also used in the Golf GTI. VW names a top speed of 245 km / h, a sprint from 6,5 seconds to speed 100 and a consumption of 6,4 liters to 100 kilometers.

The look is also based on the traditional GTI additions: in the cockpit there is a gear lever knob in the golf ball design, red stitching on the steering wheel and seats and a pedal set made of stainless steel. The exterior of the GTS can be recognized by 19 inch rims and red painted brake calipers. Exact prices are not known yet. However, the Scirocco GTS is likely to be significantly below that of the R model, which currently starts at 39.000 Euro.

Renault Espace: The Renault Espace is the angular van to sleek crossover. In the fifth generation, the Frenchman no longer wants to score only with space for children and cones, but above all with an SUV-like cut. The flagship of the brand is now available from 33.550 Euro at the dealer.


For the drive of the five-door is the start of the choice between two diesels and a gasoline engine. The base engine is an 96 kW / 130 PS strong diesel, above which is ranked a new biturbo diesel with 118 kW / 160 PS. The only petrol engine is a turbo four-cylinder with 147 kW / 200 PS. In the two more powerful engines, a six-speed dual clutch transmission takes over the power transmission, in the entry-level diesel a manual transmission with six gears is also used. As befits a brand's top model, Renault has put together a thick technology package for the Espace. In addition to various assistants and the LED headlights that are mandatory in this class, there are head-up displays and all-wheel steering.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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