News: Qoros 2 SUV Concept - Mocha competitor from China

The Chinese manufacturer presents itself with the study of a mini SUV Qoros at the Auto Show in Shanghai (April 22-29). The small crossover called Qoros 2 SUV should give an outlook on the upcoming design and future technology of the brand. The drive is carried out by a plug-in hybrid drive (not described in detail) with an electrically switchable rear axle. For this purpose, there should be a new automatic charging system that eliminates the need to manually plug in the charging cable. It is still unclear whether the Nissan Juke and Opel Mokka competitor will go into series production.

So far, the ambitious Chinese brand has offered three models, but not in Europe, contrary to original announcements. In China, the compact sedans Qoros 3 Hatch and Qoros 3 Sedan and the derived compact SUV Qoros 3 City SUV sold around 7.000 units last year. The new SUV study is not based on the platform of the three series models, but uses small car technology from the parent company Chery.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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