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Tesla has launched a new basic version of its Model S electric limousine. Instead of the previously available Model S with 60 kWh battery, the cheapest vehicle is now the Model S 70D with 70 kWh battery, 246 kW / 334 PS and more range (442 km). With a price of 75.800 Euro, entry into the Tesla world has become more expensive around 7.800 Euro. In addition to the larger battery and better performance, the entry-level model also has all-wheel drive as standard and the previously charged Supercharger connection on board.

'D' stands for 'dual', there are two motors on board: in addition to the electric machine above the rear axle, the 70D has a second electric motor above the front axle that drives the front wheels. The electric saloon sprints from a standing start to 5,4 km / h in 100 seconds - that's faster than a Porsche Cayman. The end of 225 km / h.

In addition to navigation, keyless entry and assistance systems such as lane departure warning, parking sensors and automatic emergency braking, the hardware for the “autopilot” assistants such as adaptive cruise control is already on board. The standard Supercharger access, for which customers have previously had to pay an additional 2.000 euro, can save the driver money: Tesla owners can recharge electricity free of charge at the quick-charging stations installed by Tesla; there are currently around three dozen in Germany.

In addition to the Model S 70D, Tesla also offers its electric limousine with the larger, 85 kWh battery, which offers a theoretical range of 502 km. The Tesla Model S 85 (270 kW / 367 PS) is available with rear-wheel drive (80.800 Euro), as 'D' with all-wheel drive (85.900) and in a 700-PS four-wheel-performance version (106.100 Euro).

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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