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Precautions for children when traveling

The car is a popular travel companion if you want to go on vacation within Germany or in neighboring countries. Many families with children use their own car because it offers advantages that one does not have on a train or plane. Especially when children are on board, special attention must be paid to safety.

Road safety is the most important thing for all participants when driving. It is even more important that as an adult you take responsibility for accompanying children. Alone in Germany nearly 1.600 people died in the first half of 2014 on the streets. Cars are becoming increasingly safe, but you can take some safety measures, especially in the interior of the car, before you start your journey.

On holiday by car

Many families prefer their own car when going on vacation. You can organize your travel time flexibly and independently, and you are more mobile at your holiday location and not dependent on public transport. In addition, especially with small children, you can transport everything in the car that is needed on vacation.

Before the big journey starts, the car should first be put through its paces. On the one hand, this includes the function of the light, sufficient radiator and wiper fluids as well the right air pressure for the tires. Are in winter the right winter tires are an absolute must. If the route goes south, it can quickly get hot in the car when the sun is shining into the car. Therefore, the children's windows should definitely be provided with sun visors. So that the sun protection does not darken the entire driving space and the child still likes to look towards the window, you can, for example, at Posters Jack Have individual motifs printed on the sun protection grille. With a photo of your favorite cartoon character, of your pet or of your last vacation together - there are no limits to your imagination and the children will be happy. Before das Auto then packed up to the top and the kids are feverish about traveling, safety comes first.

Vacation trip with children child seat

The right child seats

Children who are taller than 150 cm and older than twelve years are allowed to wear their seat belts, but they cannot travel in the car without special child seats. Buying child seats is an important decision that determines the safety of the child. The European safety standard for child seats offers good guidance. There are different child seat groups depending on body weight classes, which are arranged according to 0, 0+, I, II and III. Contrary to the assumptions, the decision when buying does not depend on the age and height of the child, but on weight.

  • So-called infant carriers are always installed against the direction of travel and used in the weight group 0 to 10 kg and in the group 0+ to 13 kg body weight. Small children in particular are very safe with these seats and should only be replaced when the top of the child's head is no longer firmly seated in the shell.
  • In children up to about 4 years old and weighing 9 to 18 kg, systems with Suspender belt or safety gear recommended. With the impact protection system, the child is secured by a table in front of the stomach. With the harness you should make sure that the straps are tight on the child's body, but not constrict. As with the fan body system, the seat must be firmly fixed in the vehicle.
  • Child seats with the classification I, II and III should be individually tailored to the child, because the needs are very different, especially in the long age range. The combination seats can be, for example, booster seats with or without a backrest, or seats with a special belt guide for more support.

The safest place in the car

Basically, the safest place for children in the back seats is on every trip in the car. It is also particularly sensible to place the child in such a way that one can get on and off the footpath unhindered. This means that it is best to choose the space at the back right or in the middle in the back. For cars with airbags, you should also pay attention to where they are and place the child accordingly.

How are children secured in mobile homes?

It also applies to the motorhome that children must be secured with seat belts and suitable child seats. This means that children are only allowed to sit in the places where the respective belt is approved for fastening the child seat. In general, no more people may be transported in the mobile home than there are seat belts. Under no circumstances should children lie in the sleeping area of ​​motorhomes or play while driving.

Family vacation trip on vacation

Checklist: What you absolutely have to have with you on a long drive

So that the journey of several hours in the car does not become a nerve-wracking journey, you can pack a few things in advance so that the road trip becomes a relaxed pleasure and you can arrive at the holiday destination with joy:

sufficient travel provisions

  small first-aid kit, especially for travel sickness

Picnic for a break in between

Sun protection for the window pane

Audiobooks and books against boredom

Congestion games

cozy pillows for a nap

Cover if it gets cooler

Wet wipes, napkins and garbage bags
To print and remember!




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