Signs shouldn't be confusing

According to an administrative court, a full veil at the wheel endangers road safety. 

Temporary keeper bans must be clearly marked. Otherwise parking offenders are not to blame.

Temporary stopping bans must be clearly recognizable for the end of the parking lot. If they are not, drivers do not have to pay the towing costs, as a ruling by the Koblenz Administrative Court shows.

In the negotiated case, the organizers of a triathlon had put up a number of signs to temporarily prohibit them from stopping. Even so, a car was parked in the area, so it was towed by the city. However, the owner refused to pay the costs. The signs were not clear and also contradicted each other. Among other things, fixed signs that regulate on-site parking were apparently not covered as required.

The court found the driver right. Although the signs were put up in good time, it was not adequately documented whether this happened properly. In this case, for example, it could not be proven with certainty whether the signs had been "recognizable by simply looking up" for those who parked when the "care required in traffic" was applied. The owner therefore did not have to pay for the towing costs. The fine proceedings for incorrect parking had already been discontinued beforehand. (Ref .: 2 K 1308 / 19.KO)

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