World premiere: Audi R8 - the second generation

AutoBild started this morning, with a Twitter / Instagram photo from a Spanish online magazine linked to it. Then everything happened very quickly, probably completely unplanned - suddenly the press release on the new Audi R8 was officially out. The first photos are available in the Audi press database.
So - something like available. The Audi server is currently groaning under the accesses, everything seems to be very hasty. quickly followed suit online and published the official photos. At the Auto-Zeitung in Cologne they were probably surprised by the whole thing. Nothing about the new Audi R10 was online until now (24:8 am).

The whole story shows once again how absurd the “motor news” business has become. A single leak online, picked up immediately by one of the BigPlayer and * zack * the avalanche starts rolling.

On Facebook I briefly teasered the facts about the R8, waited for the first comments and now - now something about the R8 in its second generation has been published here on the blog. Although it seems nonsensical to me.
Cut out news just for the clicks to be right.
That can not be the tactic for the future.

So far, the major automobile manufacturers have worked closely with the three major news powers (ams, ab, az) in the automotive sector in Germany. Sometimes it is preferred here, sometimes there. But everyone gets the right material in good time so that the “Big 3” can enter the news battle with a knowledge advantage. We, the little onliners, the freelance motor journalists and those who are independent, are panting afterwards. Are then supposed to pick up the chunks of overloaded servers and have already lost the battle for the news character of a message before one has even started “typing”.

That's bullshit. This is not the future of

Of course the news is needed, but as long as the industry unfairly distributes the knowledge for the news, we pant for a long time. That you won't find any friends on the Internet, that embargo periods are broken and that every “leak” is used immediately - shouldn't really be surprising.

But in the end, the publishers beat the onliners with their stupid-powerful market position. And the better contacts in the industry. takes the current story as an opportunity to say goodbye to this “news-fuss”. We have a separate area for press releases:
Since the beginning of the year we have been publishing the daily news from the industry here. The start page, the face of, however, will bring more “opinion”, more “experience”, more “stories” in the future.


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