Electric seven-seater SUV with a range of 1.000 km*

Nissan X-Trail e-POWER - a new generation

With the third generation of Nissan X-Trail Nissan proposes a whole new chapter of engine technology on. But first things first. The X-Trail in generation three is still what it has wanted to be since the first generation: a practical one Minivan with the possibility of being able to reach even more remote destinations via all-wheel drive.

Special details of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER 2023

  • Variable compression / variable stroke
  • Always electric, despite the turbo petrol engine.
  • E-car feeling without fear of range

Nissan opens a new chapter in electrification thanks to a modern turbocharged petrol engine

Nissan is rightly considered a pioneer in the electrification of mobility. With the purely electric models such as the Nissan Leaf, the Japanese car manufacturer relied on electric motors more than 10 years ago. And even though we are increasingly talking about fixed exit dates from the combustion technology hear, it will be necessary for a long time to maintain a diverse landscape of drive technologies. If only to address the fears of users, buyers and customers. Anyone who listens to the daily news about climate change is aware that one cannot dwell on the status quo.

So it is fitting that the Efficiency and the increase of which is a human hobby and for a large army of engineers not only a work order, but also daily Motivation. The result of these busy developers packed Nissan in a pleasing Seven-seater SUV and gives it a name completely devoid of glamour.

VC-T - The reinvention of the combustion engine

Also moving in with the e-POWER technology of the Nissan X-Trail 2023 Three-cylinder turbo petrol engine one that ignores the previously applicable laws of internal combustion engine physics and thus rewrites efficiency. With the VC-T engine, the variable displacement Reality. Depending on the need, the displacement varies between 1,477 liters and 1,497 liters - distributed over three cylinders. What sounds like an insignificant 0,02 liters distributed over 3 cylinders is technologically an enormously complex step. (Technical background information on the VC-T coming soon in an extra article).

The result is unequivocal internal combustion engine reaches another milestone in increasing its efficiency. A step that makes it possible for electrification of the drive train in a different direction than always just increasing battery capacities.

e-POWER and VC-T a congenial duo in the Nissan X-Trail

In the new X-Trail, Nissan combines the variable displacement engine and its normalized 158 hp with a generator to generate electricity, an inverter, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of just 2,12 kWh and a 150 kW electric motor – to form an innovative drive train. This is how the Nissan X-Trail is designed to become an electric seven-seater SUV without a plug, without loading frustration, without range anxiety and therefore also much more advanced than all other hybrid solutions currently on the market. Because an SUV without all-wheel drive is just a jacked-up station wagon, Nissan offers the e-4orce all wheel drive for the Nissan X-Trail. This then pulls in a second, 100 kW electric motor on the rear axle.

Bigger, not bigger

Nissan has decided not to make the X-Trail even bigger. At least not longer. Because compared to its direct predecessor, it grew marginally in width and a little in height - but shrank a little in length. All just numerical values ​​in the millimeter range – the important thing is the result at the end on the road. The X-Trail is Nissan's largest model in Germany, together with its little brother, with whom it shares the platform, the Qashqai also the sales hit of the Japanese, which has shrunk healthily in recent years. Those who choose the X-Trail are also looking for a vehicle space also for the neighbor's children, thanks to the optional third row of seats - does not want to make any compromises in comfort for himself and is happy about the modern armada of assistance systems. Briefly summarized, this should be the definition of "Family SUV“ go through.

The most important data of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4orce 2023:


From 12/2022

Length Width Height

4.680, 1.840, 1.720 mm


2.705 mm

Empty weight

2.024 kg

maximum weight allowed

2.535 kg

Power Type

Hybrid drive with 204 hp system output


330 + 195 Nm

top speed

180 km/h

Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h

7,0 seconds

battery capacity

2,12 kWh


5,2 – 7,8 l/100 km WLTP

all wheel drive

yes, with electric motors

Hybrid instead of electric? "Clever Sales" as a bridge

Save the rainforest, save the bees, avert climate change, leave an environment for the children Worth living is also for the grandchildren of our grandchildren - and does not do without comfort and the short drive to the bakery around the corner, preferably in an SUV. The modern one Survival Triathlon of the motorist cannot be solved very subtly.  Other manufacturers had already had the idea of ​​building a bridge to the purely electric future – but none of them could report a quantum leap with the combustion engine as an auxiliary crutch. So far, hybrid drives that are easy to manufacture, but not cheap, have been popular emotional naturally aspirated engines used, whose combustion process although the efficiency by 1 to 2 percentage points from the shadow of sadness fetched, but otherwise neither the demand for driving pleasure nor the technician's heart beat faster.

Nissan could with the VC-T engine to Gamechanger will. The fact that the powertrain is also completely dispensed with using a mechanical connection between the turbo engine and the drive axle appears to be another trick - to have found an acceptable bridge to the future - until the question range anxiety, charging points and resources can be answered unanimously.

This is how the Nissan X-Trail drives with "clever sales"

The electric combustion engine is convincing

EV only and "One Pedal" Driving are two switches in the cockpit of the Nissan X-Trail where the seriousness from Nissan manifests its desire to understand the X-Trail as an E-SUV. And indeed. Its smooth start, its seamless acceleration - you feel like you're in an electric car from the first few meters. After only a few kilometers, the X-Trail scores with all the advantages that experienced e-car drivers love about their drive form. Quiet, comfortable, yet energetic off the start line if desired. The X Trail can do it. The high one also fits in with this suspension comfort of the more comfortable X-Trail. The X-Trail quickly fills the first ride through an autumnal Taunus with the good feeling of being in safe hands and confidently motorized. However, the instantaneous implementation of acceleration requests will not be comfort penalty disturbed by a howling petrol engine. The small battery can hardly do more than travel a few meters purely electrically. The technical philosophy of the X-Trail does not see the task of the battery as a long-term energy store, but as a nimble buffer between generated or regenerated energy and the immediate use of the ion current propulsion energy. And the X-Trail does that really well.

The VC-T petrol engine is always on board, but is rarely noticed. So you could the cooperation between energy producer and overwrite the X-Trail. On paper, the system performance does not suggest boredom and if you want to feel 214 hp in everyday life, you can also hear the source of the drive. In everyday life, however, the VC-T engine should recede into the background to such an extent that you are only reminded when you visit a gas station that you are not the next charging socket was looking for - but can simply continue to use the existing infrastructure.

Sure, the first trip in such a technical surprise bag couldn't be long enough - but after just two hours one thing is certain: Nissan has made a big hit here. Because even if the exit through the Taunus ended with a short autobahn sprint, and it also went up and down mountains in the autumn Taunus, the big X-trail only very carefully sipped at the 55 liter petrol tank! After just a few kilometers it is clear - the everyday consumption of the four-wheel drive SUV can be pushed below the mark of 6 liters per 100 km.

The drive is not only clever, but real efficient! Okay, so it's also clear that the 1.000 km *"electric” range from the headline are cheated, but the X-Trail is just damn close!

And then there were the usual suspects

  • Center airbag and Co
  • Improved ProPilot Assist
  • 2x 12,3 inch displays
  • Apple CarPlay Wireless

In 2022, a new vehicle cannot be without one Armada of airbags and assistance systems come onto the market. The X-Trail is no exception and, for the first time, there is one in Nissan's large SUV center airbag for the first row. With the further improved ProPilot Assist, the convenience of assisted driving increases over long distances, right up to stop-and-go traffic where the X-Trail starts up again on its own within three seconds of coming to a standstill. be the one Infotainment system can connect via APP, CarPlay from Apple is wirelessly integrated and you will not be disappointed with the materials used in the interior - all this is fine - but in the end only the cherry on the cream. The most important feature of the new Nissan X-Trail e-POWER is a turbo engine that can be refueled with petrol within minutes 1.000 km range promises and still saves the complete feeling of e-mobility in everyday life. Chapeau Nissan!


A seven-seater SUV with the same driving experience? This is going to be difficult. A hybrid drive has never been electric, the range of an electric drive has never been greater and the package as a whole has been more coherent.

Third generation Nissan X-Trail FAQ

How much does the Nissan X Trail cost?

The base price for the X-Trail Visia without the e-power technology, only with the VC-T engine, front-wheel drive and a continuously variable automatic transmission is 35.500 euros. The e-POWER technology as described above starts at 37.000 euros – the all-inclusive variant with the Tekna + equipment costs 4 euros, including the e-55.730orce all-wheel drive. More information in the X-Trail price list. Nissan X-Trail price list

Does it come with all-wheel drive?

The all-wheel drive technology called e-4force is only available for the hybrid motorization and costs 3.500 euros extra.

What other engines are there for the Nissan X-Trail?

Instead of the ingenious hybrid drive, the X-Trail can also be obtained with the VC-T turbo petrol engine. But then without the option of all-wheel drive and with a classic continuously variable automatic transmission instead of the e-POWER system.

On which platform will the Nissan X-Trail be built?

Like the Qashqai, the Nissan X-Trail is based on the CMF-C platform of the Renault-Nissan cooperation.

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