370Z - The first week

The first week with the 370Z is over and I have to confess, I'm still surprised - but I also found points of criticism. So of course not everything that makes a loud noise is automatically fast - but the 370Z seems to want to tell its pilot about the noise level how fast you are.

Whether it is only due to the Bridgestone tires, or is a matter of sound insulation in 370Z, I can not say clearly yet. But I can say, the 370Z is loud.

At least subjectively, a brisk highway chase turns into a spectacle for the ears. And on long journeys, as is so often the case with Japanese models, the seating area of ​​the chairs is too short.

The consumption of the large-volume V6 naturally aspirated engine can be reduced to around 10l on average, but then you are not always in slow mode - you can, when and when the oil temperature reaches 90 °, have the six cylinders properly threshed on the crankshaft.

The V6 is - despite the displacement of 3,7l - not a long-stroke engine - in other words: the bore is larger than the stroke of the cylinders - this gives the V6, in cooperation with the fully variable valve system in the cylinder head, considerable revving. At 5.000 there is real life again and the engine turns loosely and frees up to just over 7.000 rpm.

Actually, the 370Z has everything you need to succeed.

A sharp shape, a sexy ass and a potent engine. Why is it that the 370Z leads us only a niche existence?



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