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Actually everyone has respect for the Nissan Pathfinder. Anyone looking for a free space on the supermarket parking lot with the Pathfinder will not be able to take away the targeted parking bay in front of the Kühlerburg. The Pathfinder is massive as a living room wall oak rustic in the street and on a show of strength in the world of limousine and family, one floor down, nobody wants to arrive.

Nissan Pathfinder - He finds his way! Always.
Nissan Pathfinder - It finds its way! Always.

Even so big Laderaums_Nissan_Pathfinder 250Buzzers like the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7 suddenly appear much more manageable from the driver's seat of the Nissan Pathfinder. And anyone who walks around the Pathfinder realizes that looking over it is no longer possible for many people. And so the Pathfinder impresses with a cooler castle at the front and a steep rear end the size of a Din-Norm garage door. Behind the Pathfinder's own garage door is a large loading bay that underlines the practical talents of the great Nissan.

That it sometimes hapert respect a little so is not the Pathfinder in itself, but is a simple problem in areas with a high proportion of forest. It didn't even take until halfway through the test for the first to have no respect for the great Japanese. Early in the morning on the first few meters of the planned consumption measurement drive, a deer disregarded the right of way on the main road and slowed the Pathfinder on its roll-in lap, coming from the left.

The effect of the damage to the deer involved was final, the damage to the Pathfinder manageable. At this point, it should be said that the deer must have been on the road with a clear intention to commit suicide, unfortunately an encounter with the deer was no longer avoidable.

For the remainder of the trial period, the front of the Pathfinder was disfigured by a splintered plastic bumper on the right half, so in the case of the Pathfinder, there are hardly any pictures from a separate photo session.

Apart from this deer contact, the handling of the Pathfinder was always characterized by respect.

The Nissan Pathfinder is no soft spot SUV and no crossover that would have to suffer from a lack of personality. The Pathfinder is a real off-roader. Built on a ladder frame with a lot of suspension travel, real all-wheel drive and large angles of approach and departure.

The Pathfinder does not just look like a SUV, it's an all-terrain vehicle.

Off-road vehicle style with extra space
Off-road vehicle style with extra space

With 4,81m, the big SUV in the Nissan family is no bigger than an average family suit. However, thanks to the sincere exterior design with its steep slices and large areas, the Pathfinder offers enough space to carry up to 7 people with luggage from A to B inside. On the journey between the place of departure and the destination, the off-roader, who has taken part in the test with an 2,5l four-cylinder turbo diesel, does not necessarily depend on paved roads. Where a Pathfinder drives, there must be no asphalt band. Thanks to the long spring travel, the lush ground clearance of just under 23cm and the four-wheel drive with shiftable translation, the great Japanese finds his way. Noun est omen.

The Drive our test vehicle was taken over by a 2.5 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel. With 190PS and 450Nm strong enough to move the 2.2-ton off-roader quickly over tar belts and convincingly over unpaved roads. The long-stroke diesel makes no secret of its compression-ignition principle. With clear nailing and slightly rough demeanor, the rustic engine fits the tough demands of the off-roader.

Where 2.2 tons accelerated through the landscape and the air resistance of a single-family house has to be overcome, one should not expect miracles in consumption. The Pathfinder takes what it needs to do its job. If you can leave the cruise control set to 115km / h when driving on the motorway, you will get the consumption to just under 8l. Since the Pathfinder is good for a speed of 185 km / h despite its enormous footprint and impresses with its enormous driving stability, 10-11 liters are more likely to be expected on long journeys. Overland and on rural tours it can get by under 9 liters per 100 km. In the city you can expect 12,5 liters per 100 km.

The Pathfinder thus convinces in the field and as a travel vehicle for the whole family, but wants to know its work properly rewarded. 

Pathfinder Multimedia_250The driven equipment variant LE with the optional executive package makes the austere off-roader talent a pleasant companion for everyday life. Who wants to avoid the traffic jam, has in Pathfinder the necessary means available to do so off the marked roads. If you're stuck in a traffic jam and want to pass your time, you should not save on the executive package and treat yourself to the comfort and talents of the multimedia system it contains.

Nissan offers a modern multimedia system with navigation and hard drive in the Pathfinder. In connection with the optional Bose sound package, the waiting time in traffic jams can be made more bearable with convincing music performances. If you are on your own and leave the 7-seater talents of the Pathfinder unused, you can talk to the voice assistant of the multimedia system. It was particularly pleasant how perfectly the control of the system, including a hands-free device via Bluetooth, works.


The interior is dominated by a pragmatic choice of materials and convinces practical talents. Benefit of appearance, was probably the guiding principle of the developers.

Even if the deer had no respect for the approaching Pathfinder, the conclusion to the Pathfinder is nevertheless clear:

A respectable off-roader with real talents for the long haul and if his colleague Jan has his way, then he is also a friend off the beaten track.



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