First rides: Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail

Dynamic crossover and SUV from Japan

Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail in the driving report

Yin and Yang SUV in Japanese

His two SUVs and crossover wants to keep Nissan on the road to success and freshens them up with more equipment. The Qashqai is still in his 10 after a good 2 years. Generation and the X-Trail after already 16 years in the 3. Generation. With their applications, they cover a wide range of customer requirements and are thus not unfounded for the Japanese carmaker the bestseller in the portfolio. With its dimensions just perfect for city traffic as a crossover, the Qashqai has so far found its clientele among the drivers who use urban traffic. So far, the X-Trail has served the drivers, who have sometimes dared to travel in rough terrain. The Nissan managers clearly want to keep this division. However, with their preparations for autonomous driving and comfortable equipment, they are reaching out to the younger customers who are both taking advantage of extreme activity and are about to start a family. For the market launch of both models offers the 19. September 2017 as open house in the car dealerships. The crossover Qashqai starts at 20.490 Euro and the SUV X-Trail at 25.440 Euro.

Nissan Qashqai - best seller in the last 10 years.

Nissan celebrates its crossover not only as one of the most successful vehicles of the Japanese of the last 10 years, but also as the most successful vehicle in its segment. Almost ten years after its launch on the European market in March of this year, with 33.000 units sold, it still achieved the best monthly result for the Japanese automobile manufacturer in Europe. To ensure that it stays that way, it is really refreshed again and receives an improvement in four areas. With the Qashqai, Nissan is concentrating on the subject of exterior design, higher quality in the interior, improved driving performance and the intelligent mobility technology announced by those responsible, which is intended to provide more comfort and safety. The best-selling vehicle for Nissan, the X-Trail, breaks all records worldwide, according to the sales people at the European headquarters. Backed up with numbers, it quickly becomes clear that the all-terrain SUV has been Nissan's sales flagship since its introduction in 2000. The X-Trail, produced in the interior layout as a five- and seven-seater, was sold to customers more than 3,7 million times. The current third generation was launched in 2014 and has 115.000 units in the order books of the Japanese in Europe alone. It is logical that Nissan does not want to give up here and presents the X-Trail just like the Qashqai with four improvements. In order to give us an overview of both vehicles, the Japanese car maker invited us to beautiful Vienna. We were able to convince ourselves of the announced improvements over two days.

Nissan Qashqai - Versatile.

Allround suitable crossover

We were allowed to start after a short briefing at the airport with the Qashqai. In the exterior design time and again improved by details, the engineers and designers actually focused on the interior of the crossover. Striking are the electrically adjustable driver's seat, which boasts a four-way lumbar support. The entry is made easier for tall people in particular by the already known from the Micra steering wheel, which does support work with its flattened down form. Furthermore, the Japanese carmaker has improved overall with the processing of its modified materials, which make the Qashqai look very mature in terms of appearance and feel, starting with the N-Connecta equipment line. On the basis of a permanent customer survey, both of its infotainment systems were further optimized regarding touchscreen operation and reception. Nissan wants to continue to know its target groups with the Qashqai among the singles, couples and families. With a generous amount of space for up to five people, the crossover still offers 430 liters of luggage space. Flexible, it shows up when the rear seats in the ratio 60: 40 can be folded. Then the Qashqai offers us whole 1.585 liters, whereby the boot area with optional flexible partitions and floors can be different. Our journey takes us via smaller city highway and country roads directly back to the city center of Vienna. Here the crossover makes a clearly confident and agile impression. Its small turning circle makes maneuvering in the confines of a city very easy.

Efficiency at 99 grams

The subject drive presents us Nissan from 99 g / km CO2 as a new efficient program for the engine program of the Qashqai. As before, two diesel and two petrol engines in the portfolio of the crossover for propulsion. The power levels of the units are between 81 kW (110 PS) and 120 kW (163 PS). With ready to fight 3,8 liter average consumption at 99 g / km CO2 Emission is the 1,5 liter entry-level diesel in conjunction with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission available. His big brother, the 1,6 liter of diesel, comes with 96 kW and 130 PS. Optionally, it is also available with an Xtronic automatic transmission. Both petrol engines are turbocharged aggregates. The 1,2 liter DIG T Turbo brings 85 kW (115 PS) to the crankshaft and is optionally available with an Xtronic transmission, while the 1,6 liter petrol engine comes with 120 kW (163 PS) and a six-speed manual gearbox.

Partially autonomous driving included

Over the course of the event, the Nissan executives are always talking about semi-autonomous driving with the Nissan-developed ProPILOT driving system, which is expected to bring 2018 into the vehicle fleet this spring. As part of this Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy, Nissan explores the question of how the cars of the future are driven and powered and what role they play within society. The Japanese want to make just in Qashqai not only a first big step in this direction, but make the crossover this technology as possible to a large circle of customers. The ProPILOT system includes the functions of Lane Keeping Assist, Intelligent Cruise Control and Jam Pilot. All in all, the combination in single-lane motorway traffic, in the traffic of the columns and in traffic jams should take over control of steering, acceleration and braking. Provided intuitive operation, the system is activated and deactivated by means of a switch on the steering wheel. Other assistance systems include the Cross Traffic Warner, Traffic Sign Detection, Drowsiness Detection, Parking Assist, Around View Monitor for 360 Degree Panoramic View and Lane Keeping Assist.

Not too intrusive interior.

Additional equipment line “N-CONNECTA”

The entry-level price for the Qashqai starts in the basic equipment “VISIA” at 20.490 euros. The next equipment program “ACENTA” is available to the customer at an additional cost of 3.000 euros. Both equipment lists are already lavishly filled, but Nissan is going a step further with the “N-CONNECTA” variant. Here the surcharge is 4.000 euros compared to the ACENTA. The top variant - the all-round carefree package - leaves little to be desired, but the customer has to put another 3.000 euros on the counter.

SUV best seller X-Trail

Second day of the presentation to which Nissan invited to Vienna. Today, the test of the new X-Trail is on the plan. The off-road SUV produced in Sunderland rolls 2017 off the production line in June and finds its way into German car dealerships starting in August this year. With the X-Trail, the Japanese carmaker is writing a success story for the second time, and that since 2001. With the new Nissan now starts in the 3. Generation and still expects 10.000 units sold for the current year 2017. With slight modifications in the exterior design, the X-Trail nonetheless of the 2. Generation clearly distinguishes, as well as the trendy safety and comfort features of the SUV from Japan wants to continue to score points. Another purchase incentive Nissan sets with the introduction of a new trim level. As with the Qashqai, "N-CONNECTA" is a line that offers the customer a multitude of additional features that could otherwise only be ordered individually. Like some competitors in the segment, Nissan will also rely on piloted driving in the future. Under the "Nissan Intelligent Mobility" project, the X-Trail from 2018 provides the ProPILOT driving system for this purpose. The system is to take over the control of the steering, acceleration and braking in the single-lane motorway traffic, in the column traffic and in traffic jams.

Nissan's second mainstay: the X-trail.

Flattened steering wheel in the trend

The interior of the X-Trail presents itself to us, as on the day before the Qashqai, with a flattened down steering wheel, which facilitates the entry and exit. It also offers a better view of the information elements behind it due to a changed layout. The top version "TEKNA", which is available for the test drives, makes a good impression with its leather interior and the associated workmanship. The engine chapter is very clearly laid out on the X-Trail. A petrol engine and two diesel units drive the SUV. Their performance levels range from 120 kW (163 PS) for the 1,6 liter petrol engine to the 1,6 liter diesel with 96 kW (130 PS) to the 2,0 liter diesel with 130 kW (177 PS). While the turbo gasoline engine is only available with a manual six-speed manual transmission, both the small and the large diesel can be combined with a six-speed manual gearbox or with an Xtronic transmission. In addition, the diesel engines with front and four-wheel drive to order.

Off-road SUV, the Nissan X-Trail.

Moderate surcharge policy

The X-Trail starts the sale, like the Qashqai, with the basic equipment "VISIA" at a list price of 25.440 Euro. Second equipment variant is the "ACENTA" at an additional cost of 3.200 Euro. The already mentioned purchase incentive can be found in the line "N-CONNECTA", which is available at a further surcharge of 3.700 Euro. Also with the X-Trail the "TEKNA" equipment forms the high end of the vehicle. Here then no wish remains open at an additional charge of 4.640 Euro.

X-Trail with additional equipment line “N-CONNECTA”.

At the end... Both Qashqai and X-Trail form the "Bread and Butter Car" section of the Japanese automaker. Here the sold units speak a clear language. Both vehicles are characterized by a very smart price / performance ratio, which keeps very well in balance.

Bread-and-Butter Auto - The Nissan X-Trail.

Text: Stefan Beckmann, Beitragsbild: Manufacturer Picture: Stefan Beckmann

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