In the driving report: Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T 4 × 4 - A Juke rarely comes alone

The Nissan Juke polarized - and that's his blessing and curse at the same time. While some consider him an over-inflated small car and consider the design to be unsuccessful, other viewers find it interesting and appealing, especially because of its unconventional form.

I belong to those whom the Nissan Juke like. His sting out of the everyday automotive Allerlei, Nissan's courageous crossover design says to me very much. The front with the big eyes is considered a reminder of the rally sport, its taillight design reminiscent of the Nissan 370Z.

Nissan Juke-Fahrbericht-Tekna 4x4 Forest

Is the Juke so a cross-country athlete in the small car format? Maybe that was the intention of the Japanese - and with certain compromises that may be true.

Especially in of the largest motorization, them 1.6 DIG-T, come them Juke sports Attribute to. 190 PS developed of the small four cylinders - Turbo do it possible. In Combination with them at first getting used to stepless automatic transmission (CVT) is of the small Bruder of the Nissan Qashqai for sports Stages on of the country road absolutely zu use. Particularly helpful, when es um a such athletic gait going is Nissan "Torque vectoring ", which is small Allradler helps always enough torque an is outside of the curve wheels geliefert zu get.


Under full load, the CVT transmission surprises during the first exits. On the acceleration strip of the highway mutates the Juke at full throttle in its soundscape to the roaring jet. The needle of the tachometer stands still; 6.000 revolutions are permanently applied. No switching operations or speed cutters interrupt the passage. Unusual, but quite fun.


His tribute must be JukeThen pay the driver at the pump. On an autobahn stage, which had both full throttle and cozy 130er sections to offer, the average consumption increased to over 14,5 liters. Ouch. Overall, my average consumption settled on 11,9 liters. That's too much.

The interior knows me to please - albeit with some drawbacks. Sitting on the driver's seat, it is noticeable that the room is completely adequate, but smaller than expected. Here is the B-platform of Renault-Nissan noticeable on which z. B. the Nissan Notes and Micra as well as Renault Clio and modus based.

Nissan Juke-drive report turbocharged four-wheel-Rear View

With Japanese interiors familiar also throws the Juke no questions. I particularly like the steering wheel, especially because of the two different types of leather. The displays in the instrument cluster can be read without any restrictions. However, the operation of the on-board computer is a disaster, since the driver has to reach through the steering wheel to get to the small button.

Air conditioning and heating controllers go from the situation in order, not sitting too deep. Special feature of the Juke is the variable control unit. Just in time for the ventilation in use, with pressure on the D modeSwitch the vehicle configurations visible. Here I can choose among others the driving modes ("Normal", "Sport" or "Eco").

Nissan Juke-Fahrbericht-Schloss1

The built-in and in the equipment line "Tekna" standard navigation device does its duty reliably and in the calculation sufficiently quickly. These good practicalities comfort the fact that the display is a bit small and the graphics are a bit antiquated by today's standards.

Another downer is interior processing. I have nothing against hard plastic fittings, that does not bother me - especially since the Juke already has "softer" hard plastic than the Japanese in the 90ern. The problem is unfortunately the build quality - and that is really annoying. Built-in parts have some play, the door interior trim is deburred unclean and thus sharp-edged. That really does not have to be and clouds the picture of the otherwise extremely likeable Japanese. Another nuisance in the test car was the permanently squeaking brake pedal.

No less annoying shortcoming is the light. Apart from the fact that no xenon headlights are available, the halogen lights prove to be very bad, since the factory-mounted bulbs emit only very insufficient light. Although H4 may not be very contemporary, but with the right bulb can be quite a viable illumination achieve.

In its Total verhagelt es itself of the Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T 4 × 4 Unfortunately even. With I seinem strengthen Engine, them permeable Torque Vectoring and I seinem CVT , of the Juke powerful ground gut and convinced me to boot with I seinem cheeky Design. For childless Couples is the Car completely sufficient dimensioned even for vacations offers itself enough Room. Zudem shows itself of the Juke wider Expect widely fewer confusing and thought. The issued sheet metal muscles are im Mirrors gut zu see, to fore is always the bonnet im View - for everything than provides the Backup camera.

On the other side is the disproportionate consumption, the moderate interior workmanship and the bad light of the headlights. That seems to me a facelift ideal ways from which Nissan Juke to make an even better car.


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