#klappezu - Good advertisement from Nissan

Advertising on social networks

Automobile manufacturers do not have it easy. Constantly you have to stay in conversation, be careful not to be forgotten. The own products should be remembered. There is a new car purchase? Then just be cognitively fast on the spot.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan is now taking advantage of a trend: Our desire for wisdom and the sharing and “liking” of status messages. Not a day goes by that I am not confronted with clever sayings on Facebook. Much wisdom is well known. Spiced up with a colored background and then freshly sprinkled in, they still work.

Better to read than quotes on Facebook, go out and write yourself!

In this sense, Nissan now has the microsite: #klappezu put online. With just a few clicks of your own Facebook spell is done. From 26 clever sayings and as many backgrounds you can currently select.

I have already found my very own saying:


And by the way - after you have given your Facebook friends a clever wisdom, you can do one Test drive in the new Nissan Juke agree.

Test drive in Nissan Juke

I am the new Juke already driven and my article about the crossover can be found after this link, And who wants to be spared a little longer from the Facebook wisdom, clicks in the exclusive photo shoot of Teymur and the Nissan Juke. The Cologne photographer Teymur has one for autohub.de some special photos of the Nissan Juke Nismo made.

The rest Now probably click the test drive link, Or?






Disclosure: No, that's not advertising. It is also not an advertorial. No invoice has been sent to Nissan for this post. This article was posted online, solely and solely, because I found the advertisement of Nissan good and wanted to report about it.

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