News: Used car check on the Nissan Juke - It doesn't just look good

If he Nissan Juke looks really good, you can argue about that. There is currently nothing to discuss about the durability of the Japanese: The mini SUV passes the first main inspection with flying colors. The fact that the Juke is not made for everyone nonetheless has more conceptual reasons.

Body and interior: The sheet metal dress of the Nissan Juke is striking and boldly tailored. The attached, elongated headlights, the beefy wheel arches, the sloping roof line - the 4,14 meter short Nissan has a very idiosyncratic style. Not everyone likes that, but it is quite like a lifestyle SUV. With the neat design, interested people have to accept limited space. The back seat of the 2 + 2-seater is tight and the tiny trunk only has space for 251 (max. 830) liters. In the course of the facelift 2014, the trunk volume grew to 354 (max. 1.189). By design, the extremely poor rear view remains. The optional rear view camera is mandatory for this car.

Engines and chassis: The Juke is not a compromise on comfort, but it passes on impacts too much. However, the mini SUV cannot be described as a really sporty form of transportation. On the petrol side, 1,6-liter four-cylinder turbochargers are available. They deliver between 69 kW / 94 hp and 147 kW / 200 hp and are all considered to be quite thirsty. If you drive longer distances, you should consider the 1,5-liter diesel with 81 kW / 110 PS, which convinces with low consumption and good driving performance.


Equipment and safety: The standard scope of Visia with CD / MP3 radio, power windows and partially foldable rear seats is okay, the used one is equipped with Visia Plus, air conditioning, on-board computer and 16-inch alloy wheels are also included. As already mentioned, a copy with a reversing camera is recommended due to the virtually non-existent overview from the rear window. This is standard in the highest version of Tekna or was booked as a package with navigation system (750 euros).

Quality: At its first HU, the mini-SUV makes the TÜV inspectors happy - they do not have to make a note. With the tests passed without errors, the Juke performs better than the average, but with a lower mileage than comparison models of this type. There are malfunctioning lights, some defects in the parking brake or exhaust system - but nothing above the average of vehicles of his age. The experts are a little worried about a little more oil loss from the drive.

Conclusion: The weird design has its price in terms of utility: If you are looking for a comfortable and practical mini SUV, the Nissan Juke is at the wrong address. But if you are not dependent on space, you will enjoy a car with recognition value. The prices for a used Juke start at well under 10.000 euros, and passably equipped models with significantly less than 100.000 kilometers can be found for this price. Comprehensively equipped and with a higher motorization, it starts from a good 10.000 euros. Four-wheel drive jukes are rare and expensive.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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