News: Nissan e-NV200 Evalia - seven times emission-free

Nissan now also offers the Evalia with an electric motor

Fills with the e-NV200 Evalia Nissan now a small but interesting gap in the market. In addition to the Tesla S luxury limousine, the minibus is the only series electric car with up to seven seats. The prices start at 36.766 euros including battery. If you prefer to rent the battery rather than buy it, you only pay 30.870 euros on delivery, but you must also spend at least 87 euros a month (36 months, 10.000 km / year).

The drive technology of the Evalia comes from the compact electric model Nissan Laef. The electric motor sends 80 kW / 109 PS to the front wheels, the top is limited to 123 km / h, from a standstill it takes 14 seconds for the speedometer needle to pass the number “100”. Nissan mentions a range of up to 167 kilometers per battery charge. This is more than sufficient for city traffic and also seems realistic. During a two-hour test tour through Essen, at least the odometer and range display went in relative lockstep. However, things could look different at high freeway speeds or with a full load.

In terms of space, the Elektro-Evalia is similar to the conventional version that has been available since 2011. There is space for five occupants as standard over a length of 4,56 meters, and there is a foldable third row of seats for an additional charge. However, this is at the expense of the trunk volume, which then only offers 444 liters - however, this can only be used in height, the footprint is tiny. The e-Evalia always includes two side sliding doors that make it easy to get into rows two and three.

In addition to shuttle services and taxi companies, the electric bus also targets families. Therefore, in contrast to the commercial vehicle version of the e-NV200, the Evalia also receives extensive equipment. These include numerous car-typical items such as automatic climate control, touchscreen multimedia system and even a heated steering wheel. The surcharge list is short, in addition to the third seat for 741 euros and a 6,6 kW charging port (1.074 euros), it also lists metallic paint (452 ​​euros), parking beeper (from 143 euros) and a few optics upgrades.

Overall, the Evalia can hardly hide its commercial vehicle origin. The materials are simple, the interior is more robust than pleasing and the driving behavior cannot quite keep up with the comfort in a real van. The latter is not available in a seven-seat E version

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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