News: Nissan Leaf Limited Edition - Formerly full

The Nissan Leaf is available as a special model

With standard quick charging technology, the waits Nissan Leaf as a special model "Limited Edition". The electric car is supplied with the 6,6 kW charging connection, which is otherwise subject to a surcharge, which reduces the charging time on a wall box to three hours, thus more than halving it. There is also a Mode-3 charging cable, which means that all public charging stations can be used with the compact. The equipment is completed by 17 inch rims, seat heating and a solar spoiler for charging the 12 volt battery. The price for the special model is 34.420 Euro including the battery. If you prefer to rent the battery (from 79 euros / month), you pay 28.520 euros for the vehicle. The price advantage compared to buying the extras individually is stated by Nissan with 800 Euro.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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