News: Nissan Leaf - Reduced in price by a good fifth

Nissan currently gives 5.200 euros "electric bonus" on the Leaf

If the federal government has so far not been able to provide direct financial support for electric car buyers, the car manufacturers are now doing it themselves: Nissan gives the Leaf (80 kW109 HP) 5.200 euros “electric bonus”, so a discount. The compact is now available from 18.590 euros. In addition, there is the battery rental of 79 euros per month. Leasing is also cheaper, you pay 99 euros per month plus battery rental.

Until the end of the campaign on September 30, the Leaf is one of the cheapest e-cars in Germany and is still under the electric smart, which is available from 18.910 euros (plus 65 euros battery rent per month). Only the Renault Zoe small car is even cheaper, on which the manufacturer will give 5.000 euros discount (plus 49 euros battery rent per month) by the end of August and which will cost 16.500 euros.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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