Nissan 370Z - Driving Oasis or Fata Morgana?

He grumbles, he snorts and then he roars out freely. What a freely sucking V6 with neat cubic capacity can do, is in the otherwise so simple life of reasonable cars an oasis of driving pleasure. Ironically, Nissan, the brand with the Electric compact leaf makes you feel "sensible" has this wonderfully irrational athlete with a roughly carved V6 engine in the program.

Displacement is equal to driving pleasure

Nissan 370Z side view test

In the driving report:

Nissan 370Z

Driving pleasure oasis or mirage? 

Long hood and short overhangs and an intimate space for two in between. The Nissan 370Z offers just as much space as you need to pour two people a portion of driving pleasure. The long hood is framed by the strikingly cut headlights and, since the last facelift, LED daytime running lights have flashed on the edges of the bumper. The design is pure and speaks the clear dialect of a sporty coupé. The rear of the 370 is shaped almost entirely by the obscenely wide hips of the rear fenders. The conclusion is formed by taillights that resume the Z-curve of the headlights. Two large round exhaust pipes, a discreet wing and a rear fog light in the “Formula 1 design” round off the successful design of the handy 370Z.

Nissan has been the little brother of Nissan GT-R indulged in a few optical treats. It doesn't flash in the front fenders without pointing out the “Z origin” each time, and the door handles look like small aluminum works of art. Japanese coupes - the attention to detail grows…

The Nissan 370Z - Pack - 7-speed automatic

Nissan 370Z driving report album photo

A day in the Eifel

Get in, step on the brake, press the start button - listen to the deep hum of the V6. Take a deep breath, pull the belt tightly against you, move the selector lever to “D” and slowly roll out of the parking lot. The Nissan 370Z has all the talents to make the world forget about it. An athlete for the balance of mind and spirit. A small island of driving pleasure in the everyday life of the bleak standard boxes. Thanks to the three additional instruments on the dashboard, the Z-Pilot knows the exact time when the engine oil in the veins of the V6 reaches operating temperature. The first long straight, the tachometer jumps freely over the scale. The engine sound changes from the smoky timbre of the capacity man to the aggressive roar of a naturally aspirated sports engine. At 7.000 revolutions, the red LED in the tachometer flashes and reminds you to change gear quickly. Fourth gear - the Japanese lets the treetops of the Eifel forests wag past in fast motion, braking hard before the first bend. The 53Z, which is almost optimally balanced at 47 to 370 percent, makes the rear axle of the 1.5 ton athlete light under the maximum deceleration of the Brembo brake.

245 Bridgestone tires bite into the asphalt patches on the front axle. On the rear axle, the 275 millimeter wide black gold has to work harder than it can get out of the bend. With 328 hp at 7.000 revolutions and a pressure of 363 Nm at 5.200 revolutions, the sprint out of the curve becomes a duel with physics. If you think the gas pedal is too sporty here, you will experience how the two rollers at the rear practice the lunge and have to admit defeat when it comes to the question of grip.

Without ESP, the wide swing of the rear axle can be provoked in almost every curve - the 370Z then reveals its passion for drift with a revealing honesty.


The gaze wanders over the long hood, the steering wheel lies comfortably in the hand and the shift paddles of the 7-speed automatic are easily accessible and fixedly mounted on the steering column. Only the space for the driver could use a little more variability. The steering wheel may be a little closer to the upper body and the shoulders a little more lateral support in the sports seats. The driver and front passenger sit close to the rear axle. An intimate moment for a country road ride.

After a few bends, the driver and front passenger have shot at the momentum of the Z. With the right moment of load and pressure the Z pulls a clean line over the Eifel roads.

Fun for two, can be so easy.

Nissan 370Z interior steering wheel automatic

Downsizing is for Baumkuschler

With the free-sucking V6 engine Nissan has a Urvieh engine in the program. Honestly, a little rough, but always there when the performance demands. The intern VQ37VHR baptized engine has not only received generous volume (3.7 liters) but comes with four-valve technology and fully variable valve timing. In the case of the Nissan VVL not only the times of opening, but also the size of the valve lift are varied steplessly. This leads to a brilliant torque curve with simultaneously increased revving. Two properties that are mutually exclusive.

An automatic start-stop system for the engine is not provided in the 370Z. What for? The sporty coupé needs to be carried out and the tires do not get square in the stop & go traffic of German city centers.

The test car was equipped with the 7-gear automatic. A classic torque converter, not a dual-clutch transmission, but with the ability to shift gears within 500 milliseconds. In addition, the automatic circuit bridges the converter, so as to convey the feeling of a direct connection between motor and axle. As a result of these efforts, the automatic transmission in manual mode does not feel as soft and muddy as one would expect in an automatic transmission. In addition, it does not change in M ​​mode by itself in the next higher gear, but leaves the driver in command.




at 7.000 rpm



at 5.200 rpm

top speed


km / h

Nissan 370Z V6 engine strut bar

That the 370Z not only looks sporty, sounds sporty, but also drives like this - among other things, a differential lock on the rear axle is responsible for this. This not only allows for the possibility of wonderful drifts, but also ensures that when the gas is used hard at the exit of the curve, not all of the power on the inside wheel is lost in expensive rubber smoke.

In the "pack equipment" are the beautiful 19 ″ RAYS alloy wheels include:

Nissan 370 19 inch Rays alloy wheels

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