Nissan 370Z Nismo - The Driving Dynamics Plus

A successful German rally driver once said: “If you really want to make a car faster, start with the tires and stop with the engine”. And Harald Demuth knows what he's talking about. Now the motorsport experts at Nissan have probably not listened to Harald Demuth, but you can see very clearly on the current 370Z Nismo that the Japanese are going the same way. With success!

If you want to be fast, then concentrate on the suspension!

The Nissan 370Z Nismo got only a “mild” performance update on the engine side. From 328 HP, which was already not weak, the power increased to 344 HP. There is a good reason for that. Because you could never complain about a lack of torque and power with the 3.7 liter V6 engine.

So the Nissan Motorsports pros focused on the details. And here especially on the suspension setup. Because, not only Harald Demuth knows, you do not want to loot the very big piggy bank, then you start with the detail work on the chassis.

Rear axle Nismo

Tighter feathers

Nissan sells the NISMO version of the 370Z all over the world, but only in Germany you can drive in everyday life easily over 200 km / h. And so was the perfection of the suspension setup, especially for the preferences of German sports car customers in the foreground. A tighter setup of the springs and dampers was the first measure. Front was the Nismo 370Z to 23 firmer and at the rear by 41 percent. This change looks like a belated one sports suspension and increases the agility of the Z.

Less weight, more fun

The less mass has to be accelerated, the faster it goes. When setting up the chassis, every gram plays a major role. Especially when it comes to the so-called “unsprung mass”. So the weight that acts on the spring-damper setup along with the road. Wide tires and large rims are necessary on the one hand to ensure grip on the road, on the other hand there are large wheels that increase the weight of the unsprung mass. With the NISMO 370Z, the Japanese therefore looked at every gram.

The special RAYS forged rims have become 800 grams lighter per wheel on the front axle and 100 grams each on the rear axle. 100 !! Gram. The fact alone that you are concerned about 100 grams per rim shows the degree of perfection and precision work that NISMO has put into the further development of a sports car! 100 grams! 

Nissan 370Z 007 NISMO

The tires

In the end, a tire decides over hopp or flop. A good tire can make a whole car appear in a completely different light. Likewise, a bad tire can completely ruin an otherwise good setup. The tire is an important key to maximum driving pleasure!

For the final sports version of the 370Z, the NISMO technicians not only reared wider rear tires, but also opted for a special sports mix of the Bridgestone Potenza. The S001 belongs in the class of “UHP tires”And guarantees precise driving behavior.

And in the end, the sum of the detail solutions counts and the result convinces by more driving pleasure, more performance and higher lateral acceleration.

The success of the work can be easily read off the performance of the Nismo 370Z:

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344 PS

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0-100 km / h:

5,2  sec

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0.3 cW

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Nismo driving behavior

Nissan has with the NISMO version of the 370Z one of the last classic sports cars in the program. A coupe with a powerful naturally aspirated engine, which stands for a spontaneous throttle response, a classic layout with the engine behind the front axle and rear-wheel drive. That in turn promises an ideal weight distribution. And a lot of detail work around from a good sports car (Driving Report 370Z) an even better (Driving Report 370Z Nismo) close.

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