Nissan 370Z Nismo - Perfect solutions in detail

Part 3 of the series on the Nissan Nismo 370Z, After IDEA and look under the bonnet it is now about the changes in aerodynamics, lightweight construction and the clear, sporty cockpit of the Japanese athlete.

Perfect solutions in detail

Nissan 370Z 002 NISMO

The rear of the Nissan 370Z Nismo is dominated by a rear spoiler with a contrasting color in anthracite. The rear is closed with a new bumper, the sides of which have now been given ventilation slots for the rear wheel arches. The diffuser, deliberately highlighted with a red line, is framed by two powerful exhaust pipes.

Rear diffuser nismo 370

The front of the 344 PS strong athlete also got a new design. Clean and strong, the new front section now appears much more aggressive. A large front spoiler underlines the claim to provide optimized aerodynamics under all circumstances.

The large spoiler at the rear, the shaped diffuser and the optimized spoiler lip at the front together ensure that the athlete has increased contact pressure on the road. The better aerodynamics stabilize the athlete, who is limited to 250 km / h, at high speeds.

Nissan 370Z 004 NISMO

The driver sits in the center of the hurricane

A sports car must give its driver the right amount of trust. Only when the pilot feels safe and perfectly integrated can he fully utilize the performance of his sports car.

Nissan has put a lot of effort into focusing on the pilot of the 370Z Nismo. The driver's pants floor is only a few centimeters above the asphalt and the steering wheel can be adjusted correctly and extensively enough for a sporty sitting position.

synchro rev nismo 370z

The tachometer, the most important display instrument, was placed in the center of the cockpit. To the right of the speedometer and to the left a multifunction display. The driver has all the information at a glance. And the highlight: if you adjust the steering wheel to your own seating position, you also adjust the displays mounted on it. The driver behind the handy Alcantara steering wheel thus becomes an integral part of the cockpit.

Nissan 370Z 009 NISMO

Despite the effort involved in designing the aerodynamic elements and the sporty interior, the Nissan experts have not lost sight of the weight.

Although the Nismo Z is longer and wider than the Standard Z due to its new aerodynamic aprons and sills, and even if the Nismo is fully equipped, its weight is under control! And to keep the weight of the Nismo under control, the bonnet, tailgate and doors were made of aluminum. The drive shaft of the 370Z Nismo is even made of carbon fiber composite material.

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