Nissan 370Z Nismo - Pure driving pleasure

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan not only has a super sports car like the GT-R in the program, but also a coming classic. The 370 Z is one of the typical sports coupes. Front engine, rear drive and enough room for two in between to experience the genuine fun of a powerful displacement naturally aspirated engine.

Nismo 370Z - the pulse of a sports car legend

I was able to experience the Nismo version of the Z, which has been boosted to 344 hp, at the launch in Germany. My Driving report for this Nismo 370Z closed with:

Brutal a lot of "buzz" to the fight price

And that's just a fact that wasn't nicely written. 344 PS, 371 Nm, the powerful V6 naturally aspirated engine, an honest six-speed gearbox with the special “trick” (SyncroREV) and all of this is converted into power via fat rollers on the rear axle. Or in smoke:

The Nissan Nismo 370Z is one of the last honest sports cars. In the already classic coupe layout is a naturally aspirated engine with a smoky voice storms through the speed ranges. Here you can feel the grip of 285 tires tidy wide soled rear axle. The Wild leather steering wheel flatters the hand and at the same time provides a firm grip when you spur the Nismo Z.

Nismo Z in the driving report


While the base 370Z already guaranteed a lot of driving pleasure, the Nismo version with its sporty design package is still on top. A new front with integrated spoiler ensures a better flow around the body. A larger rear spoiler and a new diffuser provide pressure and in conjunction with the aero package on the front, this improves the stability of the Nismo 370Z at high speeds.

The 19-inch rims from the US specialist RAYS were soled with special sports tires. Forged wishbones now work on the front axle and the dampers have been tuned more tightly. In conjunction with the springs, which are also firmer, the Nismo-Z got even more agile handling. Foolproof straight-ahead, combined with foolish curvature - that was the goal of the Nissan Motorsport engineers.

After the design of the Nismo 370 Z was sharpened and under the plate the screws were adjusted in the direction of motorsport, the interior was not neglected.

Nismo suede steering wheel

The leather Alcantara steering wheel proudly displays a red “12 o'clock mark”, so it is still possible to determine how the steering wheel would have to be in order to sprint away again while drifting. Red contrasting stitching on the seats and Nismo logos in the interior complete the package.

The Nismo 370 Z is an athlete, on behalf of the driving pleasure! [More info? Click!]

nismo 612

As a special treat, there is a “behind the scendes” video for the spot shown above:

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