Nissan attacks in the Golf class! Erlkönig photos of the new Nissan Golf.

Nissan is currently doing well. So good that one dares to attack the highly competitive golf class in the coming year. The Erlkönig photos show the heavily camouflaged new Nissan in the compact car class.

Nissan is attacking the golf class

Nissan 15 golf opponents C-segment hatchback 2014 Nissan 01 golf opponents C-segment hatchback 2014 Nissan 07 golf opponents C-segment hatchback 2014 Nissan 12 golf opponents C-segment hatchback 2014

In addition to the compact SUV, which Nissan will use in the coming year new Qashqai will score, the compact car class is one of the most competitive in the automotive market. Nissan's last attempt, the Almera, was only moderately successful. However, if you remember the last studies by the Japanese - then the new compact Nissan could at least look red hot:

Nissan Concept Invitation

The new compact Nissan is being developed in cooperation with Renault and will also be launched on the market as a premium compact under the brand name “Infiniti”. Nissan / Renault have also agreed to work with Mercedes-Benz. Part of the deal are modern diesel engines from the Swabians, which could then not only be used in the Infiniti Golf opponents.

It remains exciting!


Photo credit: self-service media

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