Nissan GT-R: Godzilla is getting gentler

For the new model year he wants Nissan GT-R offer more driving comfort. For this purpose, the Japanese super sports car will receive newly adjusted shock absorbers and a modified engine control, improved tires, revised brakes and a steering that is more decoupled from the engine vibrations. In addition, the drive shaft and gearbox have been re-tuned, new bearings in the flywheel housing and thicker carpets in the interior are to reduce the noise level. The 404 kW / 550 hp V6 turbo gasoline engine and all-wheel drive remain unchanged. The price of the coupé increases by 500 euros to 96.900 euros for the new model year.

Also new in the program is a track edition optimized for race tracks with a particularly rigid body, optimized aerodynamics and adapted chassis. It costs 111.000 euros and thus remains priced below the top model GT-R Nismo, which continues to cost 149.000 euros.



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