Nissan Juke 1.6T - entrance exam for anonymous swallows

Nissan Juke Driving Report Front

I had my experience with the Nissan Juke last year. Anyone who is not deterred by the external impact of the design experiment by the Nissan designers and instead embarks on an experience tour with the compact crossover can experience an interesting car.

For me, the 1,6 liter turbo four-cylinder was a major source of frustration. Simply an engine that becomes a drunkard on halfway entertaining tours. On the other hand, the drive train of the little Japanese can compensate. In the 4 × 4 version you can enjoy a special technology on the rear axle.

The torque vectoring system ensures that the force is distributed to the respective outside wheel of the bend and thus “turns” into bends. This turns the Juke into a highway robber. Fun but thirsty.

Sebastian from came to a similar conclusion - read for yourself: “Rolling Ambivalence”.


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