Nissan Juke Nismo RS: Once in red, please

Do you love scurrying across German streets as subtly camouflaged as dominantly tuned? Then you do not need to read any further at this point. Because Nissan Mini SUV Juke is already in its civilian version with the crocodile face, swellings, curves - and all in “too-hot-washed” compression - no optical fuss. In its new top version, the Juke Nismo RS, the little one roars like no other competitor in this segment.

And not only thanks to the red war paint on the exterior mirrors and sideline. The Nismo “Racing Sport”, which costs at least 28.200 euros, is also serious because of the additions under the sheet: With 160 kW / 218 hp from the 1,6-liter turbo gasoline engine, it clearly sets itself apart from its normally pressed brothers in terms of suit and top speed , There is a maximum of 220 kilometers per hour. 100 km / h will be reached after just seven seconds, if the six short gears are shifted carefully.

The racing team aerodynamically ironed out the swirls: deeper bumpers, wider wings and side skirts and a powerful roof spoiler tame the airflow to get it going. Also thanks to the suspension lowered by two centimeters, the Nismo RS soaks up the road - and brings its horsepower sharply drawn onto the road. The Juke now sings “Attaaacke” loudly; the sound designers also saw red. Especially in the "Sport" driving program. Incidentally, there are also "Normal" and "Eco".

The battlefield in the Nismo RS is designed to be in deep black, the standard sports seats are covered with suede and - of course - red stitched; such as the sports steering wheel, gear knob and the background of the rev counter. With Recaro bucket seats (1.500 euros), the driver can be married even more closely to his Juke on request. Xenon headlights or all-round cameras also cost an extra 1.150 euros as a package.

And the Nismo RS with the optional all-wheel drive provides a desired increase in traction when driving very dynamically - in principle. But on the one hand this variant is only available with automatic from 31.000 euros. And on the other hand, this also robs the predator of some horsepower and Newton meters because of the weight disadvantage. The 4WD version develops 250 Nm of torque and has a torque vectoring system for torque distribution as well as an Xtronic with manual eight-speed mode and shift paddles on the steering wheel - but not about the uncompromising hand switch. Bet that this will also make up the majority of the approximately 300 Nismo RS that are registered on German roads?

Author: Peter Weissenberg / SP-X


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