NISSAN Micra DIG-S in the driving report

The Nissan Micra has been on our streets for 4 generations and has always been the darling of women.

NISSAN Micra DIG-S in the driving report

The last model vied with soft lines and a design language with pronounced curves for the liking of the buyers. But this slightly childish scheme is now over! The fourth generation only allows themselves a hint of a smile with the lower element of the two-part grille and is otherwise convincingly grown up and wants to express this with a factual body.

With a manageable length of 3,78m the Nissan Micra, however, has remained an ideal companion for the big city and convinces in this environment with a few special talents.

The “Parkguide” special equipment is not only funny, but really useful. It scans the size of the driven parking bays as it drives past and shows in the multifunction display of the cockpit whether there is enough space to park. The feature offered as an extra for € 500 divides the parking spaces into: “OK”, “difficult” and “not advisable”. Parking is still allowed by hand - there are supposed to be people who like to accept a little help but want to keep control of the parking maneuver themselves.

And of course there is a driving report in my blog! 

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