Nissan Navara King Cap - The sturdy pick-up

The twelfth model generation of Nissan's classic, the Navara, can also be ordered as a King Cab from May. But what does that actually mean? Quite simply: The cab of the pick-up shrank and is no longer designed as a double cabin, so that the loading area could grow for even more utility. The Japanese farm animal starts at a lean 25.000 and can look back on a long tradition.

For example, Nissan's pick-ups have been around since 1977. The Asians are thus pursuing customers' requests for space in the interior with an increased loading capacity. Finally, the loading compartment grew by 210 mm compared to the double cabin. So that the slightly shrunk interior remains usable, the doors open in opposite directions, which is why the Navara does not need an annoying B-pillar. The large opening simplifies access to the rear, where two individual seats are waiting for the passengers. If these are not required, they can simply be folded up, so that there is plenty of space for additional cargo that you do not want to stow in the open loading area.

It now offers a length of 1,79m. It can store masses of up to 1.136 kg. You can also attach up to 3,5 tons - a real load carrier, this Nissan Navara. For safe transport, Nissan has installed a specially developed load securing system that has movable, lockable brackets. This way, placed objects stay securely in place.

In addition to the increased charging performance, the Japanese want to have increased driving comfort. The ladder frame chassis made of high-strength steel offers particularly good torsional rigidity, while the leaf spring structure, which has been fundamentally changed compared to its predecessor, is intended to increase driving comfort. Not only did it become seven kilograms lighter, it now also allows 16,5 ° embankment angles at the rear. In addition, the Nissan Navara now has minimized driving noise.

The 2,3 liter diesel with 160 hp is not a quiet pedal, but the diesel is quite frugal. With the standard six-speed manual transmission, an average consumption of 6,3 liters per 100 km can be achieved, while you have the choice between rear or all-wheel drive.

Inside, the Japanese use the "Nissan Connect 2.0" infotainment system and want to establish a connection to Juke, Qashqai and Co. In addition, the Nissan Navara offers an Around View Monitor so that you don't get bumped with the sweeping pick-up. The high level of trust in our own construction is illustrated by the five-year guarantee of up to 160.000 km. So you can start your adventure holiday with peace of mind?


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