Nissan Note Connect - The multimedia connection

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Without a navigation system? That might still work, but without the connection to your own cell phone? That doesn't work anymore. Audiobooks, MP3s and the hands-free system for making phone calls - I just need them in every car. What used to be a luxury for the upper class is now a standard in many cars. Nissan brings its own “Nissan Connect” baptized system into vehicle classes that are generally not referred to as the “luxury class”. Including the practical family van Nissan Note.

NISSAN Connect - the multimedia connection

With the Nissan Connect System brings the Japanese car manufacturer many useful features in the practical family van note. 

  • GPS Navigation
  • Points of interest
  • iPod connection
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • speakerphone
  • Google ™ sent-to-car

Find the way

A clear start screen shows the options for navigation. Nobody needs to read a thick instruction manual here. The navigation system in Nissan Connect is self-explanatory. Destination, Home, Routes, Previous Destinations, Options and Cancellation. There are 6 simple tiles for menu navigation. You enter your destination address via the 5.8 inch touchscreen and you can also access an address book, select a destination via the map or choose from “Points of Interest”. This includes addresses such as pharmacies, parking lots, sights or similar places.

Google ™ sent-to-car

Nissan does not only rely on the Google ™ database for “points of interest”, but also integrates another really interesting service: Google ™ “send2car”, The possibility corresponds exactly to my idea of ​​linking the internet with the car. With Google send2car you plan your own route at the desk via Google Maps and then send it to your car. Perfect. The whole thing is of course synonymous of the phone or smartphone.

Phone connection

The Nissan Connect system is not just a navigation system with an Internet connection, it is of course also a partner for your own smartphone. Regardless of whether you want to use the hands-free system or whether you want to stream your own music. Nissan Connect is convincing in both disciplines. Quite among us: Anyone who calls in the car without a hands-free device, receives a point in Flensburg! So it really makes sense, not only for the music - and the navigation - with Nissan Connect you also protect your driver's license from unnecessary points in Flensburg!


For the most part, the Nissan Connect system can be operated using the buttons on the steering wheel, which also benefits safety. Those who keep their hands on the steering wheel remain responsive! With the Nissan Connect system, you not only benefit if you are looking for entertainment via USB, iPod or smartphone, want to know the right way - or make calls over it - you also opt for a safe variant in operation.

Thumbs up for Nissan Connect. - More information? Click me!

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