They really do ...!

A week ago it was still an unconfirmed rumor, now there is certainty. Nissan Europe mixes a Juke and a GT-R. And because it would be useless to miss the GT-R 190PS four-cylinder, the mix reads: Godzilla's powertrain comes in the Juke.


Nissan Juke-R

Today I drove 300km on the Autobahn with the Juke in order to be able to experience a press conference from BMW in Munich - I don't even want to imagine how the drive would have gone with 530PS.

The driving report for the current Juke will be available in a few days - as long as we try to imagine what will roll out of the developer halls - here is the video:

There is another video about the Juke-R project. It looks like Nissan is spreading the entire action perfectly on the PR side. But it's also a great project.


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