Is Nissan Le Mans 2015 upside down?

Front-wheel drive! In Le Mans. With this new sports prototype, Nissan is turning the entire LeMans experience of the past 50 years upside down. To put the engine forward and not in the back of the driver? Given. Did Panoz already a few years ago. Let the engine run forwards, the driver far back and the drive run over the front axle?

Nissan presents the GT-R LM NISMO

The advertising time around the Superbowl 2015 has used Nissan to present its own Le Mans project to the world public. Had one with the DeltaWing In recent years, already caused a stir, so Nissan turns the motorsport world on its head with the new LMP1 sports prototype.

And that's exactly how you have to imagine the new Nissan racer: like an LMP1 racer from Toyota or Audi, just turned upside down. The V6 turbo engine sends its power to the front axle, where the 14-inch rims turn. The diameter of the rims is 16 inches, also an unusual size. The Le Mans top class actually drives bikes that are one size larger. Nissan has mounted narrow 9-inch rims on the rear axle, also with 16-inch diameter.

1.250 hp - hybrid drive

Like the top opponents from Toyota and Audi, Nissan relies on a hybrid drive in the top class. A “flywheel” will be used to store energy. The total output should be 1.250 hp, with the electric power being directed to the rear axle.

Driver squad for Le Mans 2015

So far, Nissan has not fully announced who will drive the new Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. Only one pilot has been confirmed so far with Marc Gene.



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