Part 1/3: NISMO Trackday @ Lausitzring - Nissan 370Z NISMO in action

A hot sushi date with a Japanese woman or a species-appropriate attitude from the “fair lady”


After a short break, it continues with joy #Fahrspass4 or another infinite driving story with a lot of petrol in your blood. It is best to use the print function and bind the following illustrative story as a booklet ... The pictures can be enlarged by a click, by the way. If you find bugs, you are welcome to keep them and have a lot of (driving) fun!

After we are almost at the beginning of our (still) non-budgetary driving fun project and good thing still needs a while - because even if you have nine mothers, they can not have a child in a month - I would like to at this point for the support of Björn Habbegger and thank. I have known both for several years. Björn is a full-time blogger and someone I really appreciate not only because of his energy and expertise, but who does not mince words when it comes to legitimate criticism. That can then go in the direction of industry or the established media, according to the motto: "Even a thumbtack can affect an elephant's ass". He is a petrolhead through and through, lives the automotive online topic with body and soul and is not too good for any open and constructive discussion in which he can also take it easy. Everything from the field of testing, technology and the very latest car news can be found on Mein Auto Blog. We are the part that regularly and irregularly deals with car stories rather than articles that affect the area of ​​driving fun & tuning, and sometimes get a little longer but (hopefully!) Never boring.

Today therefore another premiere: MotorOli & FotoRalph for a change officially commissioned as driving fun on Tour for, As you know, you grow with your tasks. In addition to a very driving event, we enjoyed delicious Japanese food with a certain extra sharpness. But one after the other. The camera car is packed, the crest combed on the left, the wool socks stowed away for the FotoRalph and off to the East - Destination: Lausitzring!

The program included a special kind of automotive sensory experience, in which two face-lifted models from the NISMO series, the Nissan Juke NISMO RS, the Nissan 370Z NISMO and additionally the top of the Nissan GT-R in the Track Edition were in their element. and could be driven. The whole thing - oh how could it be nicer - on a racetrack. Lausitzring, Trackday, NISMO… music in my ears and balm for the Petrolhead soul.

Frankly, when I was invited, I became very fuzzy and my pulse turned towards the red, because I have a special relationship with the 370Z. It's a bit like seeing a hot date again in an enjoyable, automobile-erotic environment. It was immediately clear to me, however, that we couldn't have a reasonable breakfast on all three driving fun objects on that one day with a film, photo and a text contribution. So it was a matter of selection.

I signed up for the Nissan 370Z NISMO decided and will specifically detail this car in today's driving fun history. The Juke NISMO RS and the GT-R I will cut and you see both in the video, but rather a protagonist clever than three half-hearted.

Why the 370Z NISMO?

Well, actually quite simple: I have already driven the "normal" 370Z extensively on the racetrack. I was very horny and the car has done to me somehow until today. At that time I was coached by racer bee Sabine Schmitz and could / could / really had to squeeze out everything - and I mean that too - out of the Z. That's why these poetically beautiful memories awake when I think of the Z. Still, this name always resonates with ... "Fair Lady", Insiders know immediately what phase is, but as soon more 🙂 And HELLO ... The Z is the only one with pure honest rear-wheel drive. Reasons enough!

Sure, the GT-R is of course also very cool, but was not available as a "real" NISMO and in such an event, it is always a little difficult to occupy a car for the recordings, since of course not infinitely many vehicles are available , We will hopefully be able to take a closer look at GT-R and Juke NISMO RS in a separate test. After all, we drove the Juke NISMO RS for a few laps and were positively impressed.

And what was it all about?

The event at the Lausitzring is part of the NISMO Trackdays 2015, NISMO - for those who are still in need - is the Nissan in-house refiner and responsible for motorsport and factory tuning. The NISMO models are therefore nachgeschärfte serial models that come once for marketing strategic reasons on the road, but also partly due to homologation requirements for the used in motorsport counterparts are a prerequisite. Why is frankly completely sushi. The main thing is that these beautiful vehicles have found their way into the series and thus make the buyers and us happy.


+ + +

The NISMO Trackdays by Nissan split into four categories:

  1. Base would be a normal one Nissan Trackdaywhich is aimed at owners of current or older Nissan sports models. They have the opportunity in a combination of guided and free driving their vehicles on the race or test track founded and with appropriate safety reserves to get to know in detail. The border area is finally a cool sow who wants to be ridden. Gravel-bed visits are only an optional, not a must 😉

  2. Within the NISMO Experience can potential buyers and those who want to be for a manageable balance in the coffee, the Nissan 370Z NISMO (II) and the Juke NISMO RS for half a day properly (!) On the race track or test track move. An experienced coach is always there as well. However, if you think that only starting on the mountain and parking is practiced, you are mistaken! Blisters on the hands and sore muscles in the neck could be just two of the few side effects you'll want. Danger of addiction not only resonates with latent, but is brazen plan of the organizer.

  3. At the top there would still be GT-R ExperienceHowever, this is very limited and often long booked in advance. In principle, this is analogous to the aforementioned NISMO Experience, although this border experience is held a little shorter for health reasons. The amount of adrenaline that is released in the unexperienced subject can be very difficult for normal all-day and Sunday drivers. Therefore, it is Nissan's indispensable duty of care to stop when it's most beautiful. Personally, I am sure that this is also deliberate calculation, so that the customers are then really fixed and directly in the next Nissan High Performance Center get a GT-R. In principle, this is like with these little sweet gummy bear packs: are always over when you get really hungry for it! Then you run immediately and want the big pack. Incidentally, the target group are also soft-flushed sports car drivers of certain species, who always throw themselves with all sorts of prejudices and can convince themselves of the opposite. The GT-R Experience means taking off the cashmere bowl and rolling back the silk shirt sleeves. Are you ready? The GT-R is it! Always!

  4. Last but not least, number 4 would be part of the NISMO Trackdays: The NISMO driver training, What's special about it is that it automatically comes with every Nissan 1.4.2015Z NISMO (MJ 370) purchased from the 2015. Do not worry: the training takes place on vehicles and goes all day long.

If your head cinema is calling for the main show, then click on the following link - chunks and cool drinks are included:

In our video at the bottom you can also see a short interview with Bernhard Hohns (Products specialist sports cars), who is responsible for the topic at Nissan and enables such extremely crazy events. The NISMO Trackdays are carried out by Drive & Fun, which has been implementing such events for Nissan along with other customers from the automotive industry for years - all over Europe! I am not even paid for this comment, but I always find the story "behind it" exciting and I like to approach such events with the appropriate awareness and appreciation. Especially the girls and boys from D&F do the IMHO with a lot of passion. Managing director Armin Eckl, who already rides his KTM to the bakery on the back wheel, stands with his company for concentrated driving fun competence. The name Drive & Fun says it all.

+++ Part 2 will follow on the weekend! 


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