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Super sports cars, luxury cars, convertibles and the technical avant-garde of hybrid models - as an autoblogger you can drive a lot that sweetened the everyday monotony of automobiles. At the other end of the scale are the vehicles, often referred to as “bread and butter cars”, which, however, simply represent the everyday business of automobile manufacturers. The Nissan Micra for example, a typical representative of the small car class, has been sold more than 6 million times since its appearance.

At first glance, Nissan Micra and the new Nissan Note are not in the same segment. But next to the unusual Juke the note belongs to the compact car range of the brand Nissan. While the Micra fulfills the image of the compact small car and gives the Juke the rebellious compact SUV, the spacious note wants to take over the decidedly practical part.


New nissan touch driving report

Mini van with a personal touch

Nissan Note - Dangers as 1.2 DIG-S and 1.5 dCi

Mini van with maximum space. In the compact city car segment, the Note aims to impress with its spaciousness and the safety features that are available for the first time in this class. Externally, the curves called “Squash Line” appear from the side and details specially adapted for the EU variant such as mirrors and radiator grille, only with a mild dynamic effect on the viewer.

Young, sporty and dynamic - every manufacturer wants to be and Nissan has emphasized dynamic and even extremely sporty vehicles on offer. The note, however, is definitely not dynamic. However, a first trip with the 1.2 DIG-S and the 1.5 dCi was able to convey the other talents of the new Note to me.


The test car:

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  • Model Name: Nissan Note
  • Vehicle class:  Compact van
  • For sale: October 2013
  • Base Price:  € 13.990
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  • Competitor, for example: Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Honda Jazz
  • Offered engines: 80 and 98 PS petrol, 90 PS diesel
  • Transmission: 5 gearbox or CVT 
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Place there!

The new note can impress with its sense of space. For the first row, especially for Europe, Nissan has swapped the seats and is responding to the high demands in our latitudes. With sufficient seat depth and backrests that also provide support in the shoulder area, the rating stands out from other competitors in the segment. But it gets really princely in the second row. The optional “Family-Pack” includes, among other things, a rear bench seat that can be moved in length, with which you can allow more space for either luggage or rear passengers. With a maximum depth of 640 mm, this creates legroom for the second row, which will impress even full-fledged chauffeur-driven limousines.

Nissan touch new from the back

The facts:

Dangerous engines:

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  • 1.2 DIG-S
  • Style: Three-cylinder in-line engine, compressor
  • displacement: 1.198 ccm³
  • Power: 98 hp - 5.600 rpm
  • torque:  147 Nm - 4.400 rpm
  • Drive: 5-speed manual gearbox - front-wheel drive
  • maximum speed: 181 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 11.7 Sec.
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  • 1.5 dCi
  • Style: Four-cylinder in-line engine, turbocharger
  • displacement: 1.461 ccm³
  • Power: 90 hp - 4.000 rpm
  • torque:  200 Nm - 1.750 rpm
  • Drive: 5-speed manual gearbox - front-wheel drive
  • maximum speed: 179 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 11.9 Sec.
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Nissan touch second row seat

Fullness of space before racing feeling

Even the first trip over rural routes and into the turmoil of the picturesque city of Bratislava on the Danube showed which disciplines the grade 1 mastered and in which subjects it was sent home with a “sufficient”.

Nissan brings with the new note a wealth of fine security details in the class of compact mini-vans and also has a sexy name ready:

Nissan Safety Shield

Based on the Around View Monitor (I had already written a presentation of the system to Nissan Qashqai) Nissan has further expanded the system. The four cameras of the AVM system were strategically installed at the outer points. A camera in the radiator grille, one under the exterior mirrors and one at the rear, overlooks the entire area around the new Note. From these four live images, Nissan compiles a 360 ° all-round view in the 5.8 ″ navigation display. Theoretically - and also practically tested by me - the vehicle can now be maneuvered purely from this bird's eye view.

In the package of the Safety Shield, the AVM and its four cameras now have:

  • Blind Spot Warning 
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Moving Object Detection

With the Blind Spot Warning Nissan now uses the rear camera to turn the blind spot into a danger-free zone. A glowing yellow symbol in the mirror shows when you want to change lanes while flashing, but the “blind spot” is not free.

The Lane Departure Warning The system is a novelty in this class and is also implemented via the rear camera. While the system still works relatively well on extensive motorways - no two vehicles with the same system are allowed to come across on interurban roads - not if the drivers sleep in it and blindly rely on the system. But, as the saying goes: In the end, the driver always decides anyway. The Japanese manufacturer deserves praise for the “next step” in the democratization of “assistance systems”.

Moving Object Detection: Probably the most useful detail in the new Note's security package. The cameras of the AVM system (which is always included in the Safety Shield package!) Detect movements around the vehicle up to a speed of 8 km / h. Playing children, animals or even rolling boxes that suddenly stand in a parking lot where they weren't a few seconds before. With the wide-angled (180 °) cameras of the AVM system, Nissan gives the driver an extra portion of “safety”.

Nissan touch reversing camera


Nissan has gone to a lot of trouble with the new rating. The functional interior, the clever safety features and three state-of-the-art engines, combined with the attractive price, ensure that even the same range of compact vans is available. Family daddies, kindergarten mums and even seniors will like the practical talents of the new touch.

Positive also: The 1.2 liter supercharged engine with 98 PS is in the interior as good as not present. Very quiet and, above all, economical, the note can be moved with the supercharged three-cylinder.


Not only is the engine noise of the 1.2 DIG-S practically absent, its dynamics are in many cases simply neglected due to a five-speed gearbox that is too long. The 90 HP diesel engine with 1.5 liter displacement and classic four-cylinder provides a remedy. It is much more present in the interior, but its early application and a good 50 Nm higher torque makes driving much more enjoyable.

What I have missed:

Modern headlamp technology at the front. Once again, Nissan equips its compact class with H4 headlights. This is surprising inasmuch as the rear LED taillights are used.

Nissan Note 1.2 DIG-S

At the end...

Well done! 

Nissan has the new note one (Watch out!) missed personal touch. In the trio of three compact Nissan models (Micra, Juke, Note), the small van is the pragmatist who demands clever safety solutions for the whole family. It doesn't always have to be a sports car ...


 All technical data - Nissan Note 1.2 DIG-S [click]




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