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Fixed from the first 500km in the Nissan 370Z, I had to see what the speedster from Japan costs. According to the press kit, there are almost € 50.000 in the yard. In relation to the offered performance - we think of the 328Ps from 3.7l V6 - a bargain. As a reminder, the Porsche Cayman I highly respected costs less than € 8 as an S model with 70.000HP. Without having compared the equipment now - I save that. It's hypothetical anyway.

So I'm looking at for 370Z with the 7-speed automatic, the 19 ″ rims and the extensive equipment with hard disk navigation system. And indeed - with less than € 40.000 you can find daily permits with less than 100km.

Of course dad has to tap the keyboard many times for € 40.000, but I think of the PS / € relation - then -

then yes -

then I'm glad to have no money left.

If the woman is allowed to turn the first round around the block, I will watch a few videos about the 370Z, as well as this:

(Yes, is a 350Z - but at least the good Tim is there)


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