Driving report: Business Class - the Whisper Diesel Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia Business Class

A challenging face with a beveled shark nose and narrow, aggressive looking headlights. Muscle-packed, classic wedge-shaped sides and a sharply cut, energetic hatchback: the Insignia outfit designed by the Opel design center in Rüsselsheim looks masculine and full of energy. The German carmaker wants to firmly establish the compact mid-size sedan available on the German market since 2008 in Business Class.

Opel is equipping its new Business Class with an advanced Whisper Diesel

Test Opel Insignia 2.0 CTDI EcoTec, five-door

Elegant forms, the Opel Insignia
Elegant shapes: the Opel Insignia

The Insignia's production figures speak for themselves, since the vehicle has been produced a total of 750.000 times since mid-January. The European market share of 15% in 16 countries is a milestone for Opel. The diesel share of the Insignia is 83%. The Rüsselsheimers want to consolidate this again with the new 2.0 liter diesel - the whisper diesel. The top unit from Opel should not only be very quiet, but also exemplary clean. The specially designed Bluejection SCR system is used in this vehicle and makes the emission of nitrogen oxides a thing of the past. Small amounts of AdBlue - a liquid made of water and urea - are added to the exhaust gas after flowing through the particle filter and upstream of the SCR catalytic converter. The ammonia (NH3) is absorbed by the SCR catalytic converter.

The Insignia built in Rüsselsheim measures 4,84 meters and with its five doors it not only has short body overhangs, it also offers good space in its successful interior. The seats are also sporty contoured and offer good lateral support. The cockpit is pleasantly clear: everything you need is there and placed where you expect it to be.

Fully tailored cockpit
Cockpit fully tailored to the driver.

Not only the Isofix brackets qualify the limousine as a family-friendly car, but also the trunk, which has a loading volume of 530 liters - with a tire repair kit. The high-opening tailgate makes loading easier, only the loading edge is a little too high. Otherwise, the interior makes a good impression, the workmanship is neat. And as far as the interior design is concerned, digital circular instruments and chrome applications on the optional multifunction steering wheel reveal the will to be sporty.

2.0 liter EcoTec engine
2.0 liter EcoTec engine.

On the engine side, we test the 125 kW (170 PS) strong 2.0 EcoTec, which is delivered with a precisely switchable six-speed gearbox. Very well graded, it helps to adequately bring the torque (400 Nm) of the powerful engine, which is already in the lower speed range, onto the road and at the same time does not have to drive to the petrol station too often. The approximately 9,0-ton body takes 1,6 seconds to get up to speed 100, the top speed is very fast 225 km / h. This is anything but boring. With the Insignia, we feel nothing of any potholes or bumps. The car shows us its photogenic side again and again and we were able to set an eye-catcher among the passers-by when driving in the city by car.

2015-06-20 15_1
Flagship with some standardized technologies and systems for the segment.

An automatic start-stop system is now part of the optional equipment of the Insignia versions. Under the body, the new flagship convinces with some standardized technologies and systems for the segment: from adaptive headlights with LED technology to the versatile multi-contour seats. In addition, there is an adaptive cruise control system and the IntelliLink already known in Opel vehicles. The characteristics of the connectivity system from Opel include the further improved voice control and an eight-inch, high-resolution touchscreen color display. Bluetooth hands-free system and USB connection expand the possible uses.

Prices start with the Insignia 2.0 CTDI sedan with 125 kW at € 32.605. Here we have an “Edition” equipment variant and a six-speed manual transmission that leave nothing to be desired. The next two levels of equipment are close together. The “Sport” variant is available for € 2.380 or the top variant “Innovation” with only € 200 more. If you choose 4 × 4 all-wheel drive, another € 3.180 goes over the counter. The very well coordinated six-speed automatic transmission costs € 1.650.

Elegant shapes from every angle
Elegant shapes from every angle.

At the end...

Motorization with the 6 emissions standard is not only completely sufficient for the Insignia. They make the car appear very harmonious and balanced. An all-round carefree package.

Opel Insignia 2.0 CTDI EcoTec, five-door

Manufacturer: Opel
Type: Insignia 2.0 CTDI EcoTec
Cashbox: D segment
Engine: R4
Transmission: Six-speed manual transmission
Drive: front-wheel drive
displacement: 1.956 cc
Power: 125 Kw (170 PS)
torque: 400 Nm at 1750 - 2500 rpm.
Weight ready to drive: 1.613 kg
From 0 of 100: 9.0 s
Top speed .: 225 km/h
Consumption (NEDC): 4,5 liter
CO2 output (NEDC) 118 g / km
Emission class EU 6
efficiency A
Photos in the article and cover picture: Stefan Beckmann

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