Driving Report: Opel Adam Rocks

Anyone who claims that size matters, is completely correct when it comes to small cars. This is clearly about size. As a city dweller, it is especially important to me to get through the often ludicrous city traffic quickly but not too rushed. And that works with a big SUV like one big jeep not as good as with a small vehicle. I praise myself for that Adam Opel, which I was allowed to test for two weeks, especially in the Rocks version. The Opel Rocks had decent equipment and unusual amenities to offer, my spoiled big city ego did it really well.

Who's Playing Here? Karaoke undesirable?

Little Rocks is parked in front of my door in Diamond Yellow - or as everyone claims, mustard yellow - and the contrasting roof package in Midnight Black. Under its hood: the 1.0 liter Ecotec Direct Injection Turbo with 115 hp and a 6-speed gearbox. Admittedly: chic. Not quite my color, but chic. The comfortable leather seats make an impression. And: Oh, seat heating AND steering wheel heating? Winter, you can love me, here comes the Opel Adam Rocks - he understands me.

Perfectly equipped for the two weeks of testing, even if the large multifunction steering wheel looked way too big for the little Opel. Key in the ignition, ignition on. The display shines red towards me. Hui, but is a lot of information. A little less numbers on the advertisements would have been enough for me. But he just wants to tell you a lot, this Opel Adam Rocks. The obligatory touch display also lights up and is wonderfully easy to use. With your finger. Is the best solution anyway. No real navigation device on board - unfortunately - as already criticized in the Opel Corsa, "only" the BrinGo app for your own smartphone. The sound from the speakers compensates for this with fat beats. What confused me, however: The radio function kept refusing to play certain stations and simply “jumped” wildly through the frequency band. Of course I like singing out loud in the car, but do you have to rub my bad singing skills under my nose in such an undiplomatic way? Just abruptly stop the song and jump to the next station? Nasty, something.


It makes vroooommm.

Hardly any displacement, but turbocharged. Thanks to the sporty 115 HP turbo engine, the Opel Adam Rocks Drift quickly through traffic and behind the wheel there is a joyful “VroomVroom” feeling, even on dreary days. Place there, here I come. The gray everyday life with typical Hamburg bad weather becomes much nicer. Cold fingers on the cool days? No problem, thanks to the heated steering wheel. At zero degrees this steering wheel heating is just perfect and I don't want to miss it. If the nice hot cocoa were now served from the center console, the bad weather would be quickly forgotten.

Look, look, where am I?

Finding a parking space is no problem with the Opel Adam Rocks. Even small gaps are quickly occupied. Thanks to the “beep-beep” or parking aid, you can get into every gap quickly and easily, even the smallest. The only problem is finding the little runabout again, because he seems to like to play hide and seek. Or I have to admit it and with age the forgetfulness or poor eyesight comes, because in the evening after dark the little one was not always immediately recognizable and I often just ran past him. In this case, the size is probably decisive again. Nevertheless, Adam Rocks, now reserved for hipsters according to the advertising, was a lot of fun, including playing hide and seek.

When driving from home to work every day, consumption leveled off at around 7,2 liters. He, the Opel Adam, was thirsty despite the start & stop function. Maybe he thinks he's more of a rocker than a hipster. As is well known, they also like to drink when they are thirsty. Or it was simply because of the low temperatures during the test period.


Fortunately, thanks to its small 35 liter tank, it doesn't hurt that much at the gas station. You know that joke about gasoline prices? What do I care about the price of gasoline? I always fill up for € 20. OK. Well, better back to the car test. On the longer journey towards home to Rüsselsheim, it then delivered a decent consumption of between 6,2 and 6,8 liters. Go then. It always depends on what you do with the “little one”. Logical!

The hippster flings

It gets a little bumpy when it comes to bulk buying. Unfortunately, you cannot expect top performance from the small Opel Adam Rocks. With 170 liters capacity, extended shopping tours are unfortunately not possible and the passengers are also shortened a few legs in the back. Unless they belong to the “little person” variety. Unfortunately, the Opel Adam Rocks does not have much space to offer. There are a few storage areas, but also here in some inaccessible places such as the coffee cup holder, which is located a little too far back, and which the driver cannot necessarily get back when driving without help. Cold coffee is almost programmed there.

If you don't drink coffee anyway, you can put together your own Opel Adam Rocks as you like, because the large number of customization options offers imaginative prospects many options. While the Opel Adam starts with flaky 11.750 Euro, you have to look for 15.990 Euro for the basic rock. Here you have “only” 51 kW (70 PS) with an 5 gearbox under the hood. For the city, that is enough, because brisk overtaking maneuvers are usually not possible anyway.



The Opel Adam Rocks is fun and catches the eye, especially in one of its great colors. It is perfect for the city and if you could do without one or the other assistance system, it is nice to have it. As is well known, security always comes first. If you pay a little attention, you will surely curb your rocker thirst. With the Opel Adam Rocks, you not only have a handsome contemporary, but also someone who gives everyday life that often missing pizzazz. Because it is fun both in and outside the city and shows what brisk touring can be, even without hipsters as a passenger.

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