News: Opel Astra K - Flatter, lighter, sharper

Opel shows the Astra for the first time without camouflage

The new generation of Opel Astra should not only be lighter, more spacious and more economical than the current model. From the fall of compact wants to score with streamlined design against the rival VW Golf.

At first glance, this could succeed. The five-door is changed significantly in the fifth generation: The front is flatter, the grille looks visually wider and sharp beads extend over the hood and flanks. At the rear are black perforated C-pillars and narrow three-dimensional lights. Overall, the new Astra looks much more dynamic than its predecessor - and thus also separates itself from the deliberately rather restrained designed VW Golf. Despite the more prominent appearance and a grown according to manufacturer space, the compact shrinks in the generational change: in length by almost five centimeters on 4,37 meters, in the width of 3,4, in height by 2,6 centimeters. In addition, the new technical platform for a weight reduction - depending on the model to be saved between 120 and 200 kilograms.

At the rear there are narrow lights
At the rear there are narrow lights

Also completely new is the interior. The central element, as usual in this class, is a large touch screen between the front seats. Opel has tidied up with the knot jumble, the operation is thoughtful and reduced. There is a modern mobile phone integration for Apple and Android smartphones. The driver looks through a three-spoke steering wheel on four round instruments and another small screen.

The new platform also has plenty of fresh engines that will cover a range of services from 95 to 200 PS in the medium term. Among the most important novelties is the first three-cylinder in a compact-class model from Opel. Only 1,0 liters big, he comes with turbo help on 77 kW / 105 PS. On the same technology basis, there is also a new variant with four cylinders, 1,4 liter displacement and 107 kW / 145 PS. And also in the other technology there are premieres: such as the first Matrix full-LED headlamps in the compact class. They light up the road particularly well and, thanks to individually controllable modules, enable glare-free long-distance lights. In addition, the Telematics Service "OnStar" imported from the USA in the Astra Opels makes its debut. The service offers a private telesekretär and WiFi hotspots for up to nine mobile devices. There is also an emergency call system that automatically informs the rescue service when the airbags are deployed.

The interior was cleared out
The interior was cleared out

Opel does not yet call prices. If the new Astra comes on the market after the premiere at the IAA, as it was learned from business circles, it will cost no more than the current model. This is available with an 85 kW / 115-PS petrol engine currently for 17.260 Euro.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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