News: Opel Corsa - lightning without thunder

The little ones from Rüsselsheim will not park each other. This summer, the pragmatic Karl should prove how much space in Opel tiny flea. The colorful Adam (from 9.500 euros) and the larger, but still almost the same new Corsa (from 11.750 euros) rank slightly above the 11.980 euro small car. The latter recently replaced its predecessor after eight years and now has to face the high expectations placed on it. After all, nothing is less than the crown in the dwarf kingdom.

The Corsa is not fundamentally new in the fifth generation, but it has been further developed logically. Visually, the minimally grown Opel approaches the smaller Adam. The broadly laughing grille mouth and jagged headlights dominate his face. Its interior is bolder and, in particular, more beautiful. The Corsa gets the desired noble appearance through pleasant materials, inlays with piano lacquer look and sharp cockpit displays.

Incidentally, the seats are very comfortable, on which it can be endured well even on longer distances. The driver and front passenger are well supported thanks to proper lateral support and are more happy about the space conditions that are typical for large and not small cars. The Corsa is more suitable for families as a five-door car (from 12.730 euros), which we also chose as a test car.


The built-in new petrol engine (85 kW / 115 hp) is currently the most powerful petrol engine for the Corsa and has proven to be a comfortable and pleasant companion. The petrol engine works very quietly for a three-cylinder engine and small displacement (1,0 liter). If you aim at it, the speedometer needle will also reach the 190 km / h relatively quickly. Its 170 Newton meters of torque push the 1,2-ton five-door forward quite strongly. For the sprint to 100 km / h it takes 10,3 seconds - a decent value, but the Rüsselsheimer cannot really depend on the competition with it. Let's say: A (Opel) flash yes, but without thunder.

The Corsa also only performs on average in terms of consumption. In the test, he approved 6,8 liters of Super per 100 kilometers, clearly missing the manufacturer's consumption value of 5,0 liters per 100 kilometers. A strength of the Corsa, however, is its chassis. The suspension smoothed away the typical freeway surface defects. And the harmoniously coordinated overall package also does well on winding country roads, and the steering also provides sufficient feedback. The firmly gripping brakes are also positive.


There is an extra praise for the IntelliLink infotainment and networking system, already known from Adam, which is especially made for the needs of a young target group. Because they can connect to the system with their Android or Apple smartphone, but also with other devices such as MP3 players, iPods or tablets. Then IntelliLink loads the essential telephone functions on the seven-inch touchscreen and enables the playback of titles, pictures, videos. And even navigates.

300 euros have to be invested for the system (in the basic version Selection 950 euros) and then another 40 euros for the BringGo app. You get a fully integrated solution and you are always up-to-date, because the map material is always updated with every update.

Unlike the Adam or the brand new Karl, the Corsa comes from a traditional series. Everyone wants to fight the Biedermann image of Rüsselsheim. And even if the Corsa in the fifth generation has not become a completely new car, it is at least enough for a fresh impression.

If you want the lightning with real thunder, you should switch to the hearty Corsa OPC, which will come in the spring. For this you have to dig deep into your pocket with at least 24.395 euros, but you also get the key to an athlete with 1,6-liter turbo gasoline engine and 152 kW / 207 hp.

Crunchy driving performance and a striking look will surely please male road users as well. The Corsa doesn't have to worry about the image of the female anyway. Well-known women have always buzzed around the little Opel. Opel used the services of tennis star Steffi Graf, supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer and, in 2010, Eurovision song contest winners Lena Meyer-Landruth. In the meantime, another kitty has clawed at the Corsa: Karl Lagerfeld's Burma cat Choupette has willingly been photographed with the Rüsselsheimer.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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